Inside the world's top supercomputer: pics

Inside the world's top supercomputer: pics

Summary: Japan's K Computer took first place as the top-performing supercomputer in the world as determined by the Top500 Supercomputing List.


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  • (Credit: Riken)

    Six I/O system boards are installed in each rack. Each board contains 4 SPARC64 VIIIfx CPUs with eight cores integrated into each chip. The board delivers a performance to power ratio of 2.2 gigaflops per watt.

  • (Credit: Riken)

    Here's a look at the pieces of the water cooling system for the K Computer.

  • (Credit: Riken)

    The six-dimensional mesh/torus topography is described by Fujitsu:

    "The design of the six-dimensional mesh/torus topology in the K Computer means there are many communication routes between neighbouring CPUs. This enables the execution of data communications between CPUs via the shortest route and over the shortest period of time and ensures the network can fully draw out this world top-class CPU computational power."

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