Insightly brings back social media integration

Insightly brings back social media integration

Summary: The cloud CRM application detects profiles associated with contact email addresses and supports Facebook, FourSquare, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter -- among others.


Are you the sort of small-business manager who finds it useful to have social media profile information for your contacts, prospects and employees integrated into your customer relationship management (CRM) application?

Then you will appreciate the new integration features added to Insightly's cloud CRM application for small businesses. The developer has added a capability that hunts out social media profiles associated with email addresses. It can help you and your team find content and information associated with Facebook, FourSquare, Google+, Klout, LinkedIn, Picasa and Twitter -- among others. Basically, any social channel where someone is engaging on a regular basis (using that email as their calling card).

Insightly offers the leading cloud CRM featured in the Google Apps Marketplace; it now has than 300,000 users (compared with 250,000 users the last time I checked in March). The starter edition of the software is priced at $29 per per month for up to six users.

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  • Social Media & Social CRM

    Thanks for the update on Insightly, Heather! The utilization of social media has become a requirement for any business that hopes to stay competitive, especially in today's technologically progressive market environment. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for the adopted CRM to have complete integration with popular social media platforms. Business suites with social CRM capabilities like GreenRope, provide an affordable solution with the flexibility to satisfy evolving demands. Once a business fully commits to an SCRM platform, the translated data can display an accurate insight on specific individuals, as well as specific demographics.
  • Good move

    Insightly has definitely gone in the right direction providing social media integration with their CRM. It's the next obvious step to take for almost all products - CRM or not - because of the landscape of today's social media. We figured the same thing at Agile CRM and integrated social media with the CRM right at the beginning, because it's even more important for small businesses to have an *active* social presence as opposed to large industry players that have other ways of providing support.