Instagram, Google Voice, and more run on BlackBerry 10 thanks to Android (gallery)

Instagram, Google Voice, and more run on BlackBerry 10 thanks to Android (gallery)

Summary: There may not yet be an official Instagram app, but the Android one works quite well on the BlackBerry Z10.


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  • Battery...

    How's the battery life since the recent OS update?
    • I hear much better

      Reading through owner comments - sounds like it's much improved.
    • Great Battery Life.

      Under normal use, the battery will last throughout the entire day.
  • Good, useful reporting!

    Thanks for showing this off. It's not ABC level of easiness to sideload, but neither is Jailbreaking, nor rooting/custom ROMs which are required on the majority of Android devices for stability. Sideloading should be sold as a feature of BB10 as much as anything else frankly, and it increases their app catalog substantially.

    Personally once you have it set up the first time, it takes seconds to download and sideload an app every time you find something afterwards. I run quite a few on my device, from Flipboard to Path to Instagram and I find relatively few stability issues.
  • Z10

    "it's much better than I was led to believe"
    That's because so many people like to bash BlackBerry without even trying it out for themselves. The BlackBerry Z10 is a great device.
  • ZDNET, I thought you guy are biased

    How wrong could I be ? Or is BBRY now playing balls like Apple Google?