Instagram launching branding guide for businesses

Instagram launching branding guide for businesses

Summary: The Facebook-owned company is taking things a bit further in targeted corporate users and brands to use the photo sharing service.


Instagram is wedged in an awkward space between serving as both a platform for basically free advertising and developing a more formal structure for paid products and promoted images.

The Facebook-owned company is taking things a bit further with a new online guide in the works to guide businesses with better branding tips for images shared on the Instagram stream.

Starting with a few basic tips that might seem so obvious they're usually ignored, the photo sharing service has already published the first series of tips from the new Instagram Handbook for Brands.

With an emphasis on inspiring action and emotion in specifically targeted viewers, the Instagram for Business team pointed to a number of examples from corporate customers, ranging from social media savvy eyewear brand Warby Parker to camera maker GoPro.

Here's one putting the spotlight on General Electric:

Find beauty everywhere: Show how your company sees the world and make it meaningful to people. @generalelectric showcases the beauty of their technology by transporting people to giant jet engine factories and remote wind farms, capturing the machines with elegant symmetry and imparting the grand scale of these man-made wonders.

Tips about content, most popular hashtags, and more will continue to be published in an ongoing series of blog posts, although Instagram also noted a book is on the way soon too.

Image via Instagram for Business

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  • Instagram For Business Tumblr Blog

    Are you referring to the Instagram For Business Blog on Tumblr? If so, that's been around for over a year. Personally I think they're good highlighting huge brands but not so good at giving advice for small businesses and local companies.

    Lets face it even if it was the worst run Instagram account in existence companies like Nike & Ben and Jerry's would still have thousands of followers.