Installing NetBSD 5.0: Screenshots

Installing NetBSD 5.0: Screenshots

Summary: The NetBSD Project recently released NetBSD 5.0, the 13th major release of its Unix operating system. If you are not familiar with the BSD mentality, it's a back-to-basics approach. Those familiar with Unix environments will find themselves right at home.

TOPICS: Open Source

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  • This is the opening screen of a NetBSD install — the first of many textual-based screens to come. We aim to show only the key ones.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

  • Just because it is a text install, it does not mean that the process has to be unintelligent. Here the installer makes an entirely correct assumption.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

Topic: Open Source


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  • Changing root passwd

    Is it just me or the option #2 is a little too inviting/obvious?
  • Changing rooot passwd

    I'm talking of image #10; the first boot.
  • Changing rooot passwd

    "Single user" means boot in init 1 (runlevel 1), not booting with only one user logged in or anything like that...
  • Doesn't show a lot

    The images doesn't show how you install pkgsrc or even how to install gnome from packages :) I am sure its not just pkg_add gnome let alone using pkgsrc and compiling it. Why is getting a standard gnome desktop so difficult. I got it fine the first time i installed netbsd.
    The coolest thing about *BSD besides their base systems is the Ports collection ( pkgsrc for netbsd ). There is no mention of it.
  • Stick with Linux

    You guys need to stick with Linux; BSD doesn't want you.

    Mashing of teeth? I take it you didnt read the manual where everything is spelled out for you.

    [ ]

    Conclusion: ...Just go away.
  • Why Stick to linux??

    Why would I just "stick with linux"? What is so special about linux that would make a person never look at any other alternative operating systems out there? Are you seriously that close minded?

    Linux itself is an alternative. It recently only gained %1... Based just off that, with your logic, why would I use Linux when I can just use Windows or MacOS? They seem to be the dominant OS out there. Linux, by the way, is not even an operating system; it's a kernel. *BSD is actually a full OS, which gives it the advantage, if you ask me.

    NetBSD has an amazing concept/philosophy. So does FreeBSD, OpenBSD and DragonflyBSD and the countless other OS's out there that are unfortunately hindered by fan boy mindsets, such as yourself.
  • Windows rocks the internets

    I'm a linux admin and I don't want you in my community either.
    And besides you raise some good points.
    Just stick to windows.
    After all OSX has only ever gained a few % acceptance of too, though it's market share has probably doubled nor even tripled now to maybe a few %! (and I say this as a a type this post on my mac, hainvg been a mac users since the early 90s).
    Windows has all the percents on the internets and thats where you should all stay, and leave unix and other "real computing" to us real men of computing.

    But if you really want to know what Mr or Mrs Anonymous of 15/05/09 meant, I think he (or she!) meant he (or she!) doesn't want any (perhaps anymore) clueless people in his community because she (or he!) is sick of them asking dumb questions based often based on the fact that they think linux is unix, and often that Unbuntu (i.e. linux distro of the week for newbies) is unix.

    However speaking as a Linux guy, I don't want you in my community either, because I'm sick of clueless people who think Ubuntu is Linux and apt-get will cure cancer.

    Possibly anonymous of 15/05/2009 missed the "irony" in Amnesiac's comment. And maybe you missed the "irony" of 15/05/09's comments.

    But I still stand by my comments, go back to windows all you newbies, telling you to RTFM repeatedly is getting to be hard work.
    When we said there would be community support, we lied.
    We really meant, we'd tell you which man page to look at. We though that was support, honestly but now we realise you want more than that, we'd be really happy if you'd just go back windows.
    And by the way I'm not trying to be ironic, I'm really sick of you newbies. I learnt by reading every man page on the system (and let me tell you young fella there were few enough man pages then), the app's README's in the src tarballs and the source, I don't see why you shouldn't.
  • RE: Why Stick to linux??

    I was insinuating that you, like quite a few Linux users, don't Read the Manual and/or need a stupid button to push instead of using a CLI.

    I found it amazing that you didn't just post a link to the guide page which steps you through the install and shows you how to not "mash your teeth" installing a GUI/WM and which doesn't give false (or incomplete) information.

    I may be a NetBSD guy but I'm starting to like Anonymous -- 19/05/09 (in reply to #320136635). You're kinda cool for a Linux user. *lol*