Intel acquires gesture computing firm Omek

Intel acquires gesture computing firm Omek

Summary: It's possible that Intel is moving to bolster its position in the gesture and sensor-based computing market, but likely not exclusively.


Israel seems to be where all the fun, crazy kids are hanging out nowadays. It's also where you might find a Silicon Valley technology giant scouting for talent, too.

Intel is joining the league of firms taking on an Israeli expidition following the acquisition of Omek, following months of rumor mill grinding. The talks are understood to have begun in late March, and concluded in the last few days.

It comes just days after EMC acquired Israel-founded server storage software firm ScaleIO, and not so long after CA Technologies acquired Layer 7 and Nolio and Cisco made a grab for Intucell.

There is a running trend. Israel has tech running through its veins.

Omek is thought to have been snapped up fro $30-50 million. The firm has raised around $14 million to date, according to Israeli business news site Globes.

Omek's employees will move to Intel's perceptual computing division in Haifa, northern Israel.

The move will help Intel push through barriers with perceptual computing, and gesture recognition with 3D cameras will all go towards improving the overall user experience of portable and desktop devices.

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  • everything

    is going gesture computing now... Idk what is going on.. .There is the leap motion controller, Wifi signal : 3D mapping, the other arm gesture technology lol...