Intel announces billion-dollar investment in US facilities

Intel announces billion-dollar investment in US facilities

Summary: The chipmaker has said it will invest up to $8bn in new manufacturing technology for its US facilities, creating up to 1,000 tech jobs and builing a new fabrication plant in Oregon

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Intel announced on Tuesday that it is investing in next-generation manufacturing technology for its US facilities.

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The move will support up to 1,000 new high-tech jobs and create 6,000-8,000 construction jobs for a new development fabrication plant in Oregon that will support the deployment of 22nm technology. The investment will be between $6bn and $8bn, the company said.

In a statement, Intel president and chief executive Paul Otellini said: "Today's announcement reflects the next tranche of the continued advancement of Moore's Law and a further commitment to invest in the future of Intel and America. The most immediate impact of our multi-billion-dollar investment will be the thousands of jobs associated with building a new fab and upgrading four others, and the high-wage, high-tech manufacturing jobs that follow."

The new Oregon facility is scheduled for research and development start-up in 2013 and the company is planning upgrades at four existing factories in Arizona and Oregon.

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