Intel says get ready for $99 tablets, $299 Haswell notebooks, $349 2-in-1 hybrids

Intel says get ready for $99 tablets, $299 Haswell notebooks, $349 2-in-1 hybrids

Summary: Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich says that he expects OEMs to push prices down over the coming weeks, and that this will result in $99 tablets, $299 Haswell laptops, and $349 2-in-1 hybrid tablets and notebooks.


Hoping for some tech bargains for the holidays? Yes? Then read on, as Intel has some good news for you.

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich says that he expects OEMs to push prices down over the coming weeks, and that this will result in $99 tablets, $299 Haswell laptops, and $349 2-in-1 hybrid tablets and notebooks.

Speaking during a conference call yesterday, Krzanich told analysts that touchscreen-based notebooks based on the company's new Haswell processors will be at the heart of this year's holiday PC line up.

Intel is pinning a lot of hopes on its Haswell silicon, and that the 50 percent better battery life offered by the chips, combined with double the graphics power will tempt buyers away from spending their money on Android and iOS tablets and instead encourage them to give the PC a second chance.

For devices built around the Bay Trail silicon, Krzanich believes that there will be eight to 10 clamshell models available at the $299 price point.

These are the sorts of price points that will put pressure on the Android tablet market (it could be bad timing for Amazon and it's new Kindle Fire HDX tablet), and could even start to cannibalize Apple, especially at the lower end of the iPad line. It could also be bad new for Microsoft and its new Surface 2 tablets.

"We continue to see touch adoption come along," Krzanich. This will no doubt be good news to Microsoft, which bet the farm on touch adoption when it made Windows 8 a touch-first platform.

Intel's third quarter earnings were better than expected, buoyed by improved server and cloud revenues.

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  • haswell postponed to Q1 2014

    haswell postponed to Q1 2014
    • No...

      *Broadwell* was delayed. Haswell was released months ago!
    • hehehe

      delayed yet currently running in my Sony Vaio Pro 13.
  • Amazing

    The price points they are talking about seem unbelievable. I'll be interested to see what a hi-res, adequate ram machine will cost. Even if it is in the 500-600 range, that will be incredible.
    • I just dont see it happening

      Considering the price of the Nexus 7, I dont see how other vendors are going to beat that especially with the cost of windows licenses.
      • Re: I just dont see it happening

        The -could- drop the Windows license and just go Ubuntu.
    • Yeah, and scary.

      I had somebody recently ask me to help him with a no name "tablet" he picked up at Walgreens (or somewhere similar) that cost him somewhere around $100. It was the cheapest, most useless piece of junk I've ever seen. The resistive touch display barely registered finger presses. You could barely make out the text on the display through the ugly plastic covering. I still don't know what OS it was running. He had seen some of the apps I was using on my iPad and wondered if the same things were available for his tablet. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. I told him he might want to consider getting an Android or Apple tablet if he wants to be able to run apps. After seeing that thing, I cringe at the mere thought of a $99 tablet.
      • $99 tablets are viable

        I have a 10.1" no-name Android 4.1 tablet that does just fine, thank you. Cost much less than $99 direct from China. It is perfect as a book reader using Overdirve to check out books from my local library and Kindle app, videos, Skype, etc. I don't try and produce content with it but will modify content, i.e. documents from Dropbox. I don't play games but my son tells me it is great. I have had no problems with any app from the Android app store. My only complaints are it is sometimes a bit slow web browsing with a single-core 1Mhz processor and the battery life is only good for one two hour movie.
        • $150 Nook HD+

          I bought a 9" Nook HD+ for under $150 and put pure Android on it. It's terrific.
          • The nook is clearance priced though

            so it isn't exactly representative of what hardware of that quality normally sells at.

            The cheap sub $100 white box tablets from China are much cheaper in quality.
        • That 1Mhz processor must be from the '80s

        • 1mhz?!

      • White Market Tablet - OK

        I own two white market tablet from Chinese manufacturers (7"" and 8"). One cost $69 and the other $129. After owning them for almost a year, they are both still working as expected. The 8" fell to the ground, and it it still working fine considering the incurred dents. IMO, white market tablets are a little known secret in the US where brand names tend to blindside consumers. For the same price of a Nexus, iPad, Kindle Fire or Surface, consumers can get three or four times the features compared to these name brands. Why people are willing to pay more for less . . . beats me!
        • Because most of those cheap no name brands

          perform poorly and many arrive DOA, and then what do you do with. I've been tempted but the reviews are almost always poor.
      • Walgreen's cheap tablet runs...

        Answer: Windows CE. One of the most useless operating systems I've ever encountered.
    • ASUS Transformer Book 100 is $349

      It runs Windows 8.1 and includes the keyboard dock. It has 2gb ram and intel bay trail processor.
  • Tablets

    That $99 tablet sounds odd, since there is no way in hell a Windows based tablet would go for $99. He must be talking about some Android version.

    $299 Haswell laptops sounds incredible. Most likely Celeron, with 2Gb of RAM and plastic construction that would make you eat your own face.

    A $349 hybrid I would consider.
    Dreyer Smit
    • ASUS has a $349 hybrid... $399 with 64gb SSD

      The T100 is going to be about the same size as the well loved Linux and Windows based EEE and for about the same price.

      It has a quad core baytrail processor and clocks at 1.86ghz. It also has Office Home and Student. The drive space is cramped, but most of us have terabytes of storage to backup to already.
    • Why would a $99 Windows tablet be hard to believe?

      They would be talking about RT, of course. I purchased an Nokia 520 phone for $99 with no contract months ago. RT is not much more than then WP8 OS. I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia comes out with a colorful RT tablet for $149 by Black Friday.
      A Gray
      • What?

        "RT is not much more than the WP8 OS"

        Either you have a strange comparison point or you really don't know the OS architecture.
        Windows RT is Windows compiled for the ARM architecture, with very few pieces missing (unfortunately).