Intel slashing its SSD prices starting next month

Intel slashing its SSD prices starting next month

Summary: With prices for solid state drives already in free fall, Intel appears ready to join the fray by lowering prices on its SSDs in August.

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With prices for solid state drives already in free fall, Intel appears ready to join the fray by lowering prices on its SSDs in August.

According to VR-Zone, the chip giant is planning significant price reductions across its consumer SSD lineups, even in its new 330 series. The 320 series will see cuts in its higher-capacity drives, with the retail version of the 300GB drive costing $464 instead of the previous $519, while the 600GB version will lose almost $200 of its retail price, falling from $1,059 to $879.

The performance 520 line will see cuts nearly across the board, with the 60GB version now retailing at $99. Other new prices include: $139 for 120GB, $199 for 180GB, $259 for 240GB, and $594 for 480GB. The 480GB flavor sees a massive 37-percent cut from its current pricing.

Even though Intel just released the 330 family in April, it's slashing prices for these drives by more than 25 percent, too. The 60GB drops to just $69, the 120GB to $104, and the 180GB to $154 (a 34.1-percent reduction).

Intel was the market leader in the early days of solid state drives, but the field has flooded with competitors, which have lowered prices while improving performance -- just yesterday, in fact, Plextor introduced a new $99 drive, the 64GB M5S SSD. While Intel has traditionally relied on its brand name and superior reliability for market share, it now looks like it has to play the pricing game as well.

Will lower prices make you more likely to buy an Intel SSD? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Intel, Storage

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  • Don't sell any for 3 weeks

    Well, the lower prices will obviously make me -less- likely to buy an SSD... until August.
    Robert Hahn
  • Apple must love this

    Does this move pump up the margins on all the Apple products with SSDs ?
  • Good to see these reductions

    Great time for late adopters to see what the SSD buzz is all about.
    • I agree

      I have none SSD but now that they are cheaper, i'm definely planning to buy one.
      Fer A.
  • Not YET!

    When SSDs the same price as SATA and other dynamic HDDs are - THEN will I buy, said the little Jedi Master.
    Okay, I'm a tightwad cheapskate - I've got multiple TB drives, and they're all running just fine. I don't NEED SSDs (yet).
    But they're tempting...
  • 8 SSDs Below $1/GB in Late June

    Intel was the only reason avg prices dropped only 46% by late June. SSD Price Trends News article shows that Vertex prices fell 73%.
    Paul B. Wordman
  • I purchased a new SSD about two months ago

    I have an old tower-based AMD Sempron PC that I built like 7 years ago. My wife is a school teacher and she's been using it for the past 5 years or so now. It had the original HD I installed in it back then and a few months ago the old girl began to make the death noises.

    I was all of about 1 week away from just getting rid of it entirely and just buying my wife something new. She uses it for MSOffice, Web usage.

    I went to a local electronics store to take a look at what they had for sale and just before I got to the PC center in the back of the store, I ran into the hard drive and network storage center. I figured I could just save a few bucks and get a new HD and be done with it as opposed to trashing the whole computer because face it, nothing else was wrong with it. It runs Win7 just fine as well as MSOffice and IE9.

    So it was at that moment I decided to keep the computer and just replace the HD. The original drive was 120gb and there was at least 30% of it still unused. She really doesn't need more than that because most of her classwork is stored on an external usb drive that she brings back and forth with her to school anyway.

    Well while I was looking for a relatively small drive I ran into a Samsung 128gb SSD for only $125.00. My biggest concern was that this SATA III drive wouldn't work on such an old motherboard which only supports SATA I. I bought the drive anyway and after about 30 minutes of playing with BIOS settings, I finally got the motherboard to recognize the drive and was able to install Win7 without any issues.

    I must say, that NOW this computer boots at least 3 times faster than it did when I originally build it. I can load Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook all within 5-6 seconds on that old AMD "single core" Sempron cpu. Granted, the cpu is pegged at 100% during the process, but hey it works great.

    Considering I was about to spend a few hundred bucks more for a new computer, the SSD not only saved me that extra $$$ but it gave my old computer new life.