Intel to give HD4000 a performance boost

Intel to give HD4000 a performance boost

Summary: New drivers for Intel's Ivy Bridge-based third-generation Core processors brings support for OpenCL 1.2 general-purpose GPU language and a 10 percent performance boost.

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(Image: Intel)

Chip giant Intel has announced new drivers for its HD4000 embedded graphics processor.

The HD4000 is the GPU found in Intel's Ivy Bridge-based third-generation Core processors, and the new drivers introduce support for the OpenCL 1.2 general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) language.

OpenCL 1.2 is the latest release of the parallel processing standard from the Khronos Group, and adds support for sharing media and surfaces with DirectX 9 and 11, enhanced image support, and various other improvements to security and performance.

While these improvements might benefit gamers, they are not the only people who will benefit from these drivers. Developers will be able to use this new power and integrate GPGPU support into all sorts of software applications.

The new 15.31 drivers — which are primarily designed for the impending fourth-generation Haswell Core refresh — not only supports the new OpenCL standard, but also brings with them a claimed 10 percent performance boost compared to the current 14.51 driver set.

The new drivers will, according to Intel, be out later this month, but no firm date has been given yet. If you want to keep an eye out for the drivers, then you can use Intel's driver update utility to check for their availability.

Topics: Intel, Processors

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  • Gamers are still better off with nVidia or AMD/ATI.

    "While these improvements might benefit gamers . . ."

    Gamers are still better off with nVidia or AMD/ATI.

    I'm sure that the new drivers will help, but even my old GTS 250 will run World of Warcraft at full detail while my father's new laptop (which has an HD4000) couldn't handle full detail at all. Newer games that require even more detail are probably unplayable with the HD4000.

    The HD4000 is simply not for gamers. For everybody else, it's probably fine. It'll play videos with no issues. But don't expect to be able to play Crysis 3 on it.
  • no kidding

    Most people realize that the HD4000 isn't as good as Nvidia/AMD(ATI). My laptop has HD4000 paired with the Nvidia GT630M which isn't bad. I don't expect it to run really fast. I usually run the Nvidia Experience first and let the software optimize my settings for the chip. Tomb Raider run pretty good considering.
  • Gamers?

    Since when did gamers settle for imbedded Intel graphic chips? I haven't looked at gaming laptops in awhile, they used to all have discrete Nvidia or ATI graphic chipsets.
    • At this point

      The HD 4000 is good enough for a lot of games.

      You aren't going to play Crysis 3 or anything, but not everyone plays that anyway. You can play Diablo 3 on it, or Mass Effect 3.

      Do you like Skyrim? Put it on low, and it's playable.

      Battlefield 3 is also playable.

      There are games that are fun that can play on the HD 4000.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • HD4000 is different.

      Intel finally started taking graphics seriously. The HD4000 is faster than the current low-end Nvidia and AMD offerings. If you aren't getting at least a GT630M, you're now better off just not having a discrete GPU and sticking with Intel graphics...paying for a 610M is more or less pointless, it's just taking up space and power and doing an inferior job to the integrated graphics. Once typical notebook buyers (who took years to figure out what "discrete graphics" even meant) catch on, ATI and Nvidia are going to have to step up their game, or just abandon the low end.
      Ian Finnesey
  • Lower WEI Score

    Just installed the latest from Intel, 15.31, and my new WEI Score is lower. I realize that Microsoft's score is less than perfect but, this is annoying to say the least. Old score was 4.9, 6.2 for my Lenovo U310. New score is 4.8 and 6.0. Should I roll back and wait a bit longer or just ignore it. Opinions?