Intel to open pop-up brick and mortar stores for holiday season

Intel to open pop-up brick and mortar stores for holiday season

Summary: The chip-making giant is setting up shop (albeit temporarily) in New York City with a handful of pop-up stores, ahead of an expected busy sales December quarter.

(Image: Intel/YouTube)

Intel will follow other major technology giants, notably Microsoft and Google, in offering pop-up brick and mortar stores in New York City later this month, as the chipmaker gears up towards a busy holiday sales season.

The company announced in a YouTube video that the first store will arrive in the NoLita district of Manhattan on November 23.

Customers will be able to get their hands on the latest Intel-powered technologies, such as laptops and notebooks, as well as a free cup of coffee, according to the video. Local potential buyers will also be able to loan devices for a short period, the video's narrator states.

Though few details are on offer at this time, stores will be open until January 25, 2014, according to one report.

It's the first time Intel has created a brick and mortar store for the products it helps to develop. Chipmakers like Intel have struggled in the past few fiscal quarters as a result of the general slow-down in the PC market. 

What we understand, however, is that the stores will be more akin to showcase rooms. Customers will be able products order in-store. 

An official announcement is expected in the coming days. We've reached out to Intel for more, and we'll update the piece once we get it.

(Images: Intel/YouTube)

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  • oh, ok

    I thought many you could walk in and snap up some quad core Atom chips or a new Haswell processor and a very low voltage food processor.
  • I think it's a good move for them

    It may seem like a needless money whole, but it does serve to create the idea of 'brand' around the processor - which is going to be important to them... They may have already noticed; sticking 'intel inside' on phones and tablets doesn't carry the same weight to consumers as it did with pcs and laptops.

    Of course to make this stick increased advertising and more permanent stores are required (biggest loose from a pop up? All your staff know you're about to fire them...