Intel unveils fanless 14nm Broadwell Core M processor

Intel unveils fanless 14nm Broadwell Core M processor

Summary: At its Computex keynote in Taipei, Intel took the wraps off its new Core M processor, which is squarely aimed at laptop/tablet detachables and premium tablets.

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Intel has taken the wraps off of its Core M processor — a 14 nanometre processor that the company claims is the most energy-efficient in its history.

Speaking at the Computex conference, Intel president, Renee James introduced the fanless Broadwell chip, which is intended to power the detachable laptop/tablet hybrid form factor, as well as premium tablets.

"Fanless, full-Core performance," said James during her keynote address. "It's cool, it's quiet, it's lighter, it's thinner, and it's the most energy efficient processor in Intel's history."

The Core M reference model, a 12.5 inch 2-in-1 detachable that weighs 670 grams and is 7.2mm thick, includes a docking station that provides cooling to allow the chip to increase its performance, as well as a "full desktop" experience.

Intel was not forthcoming on a precise date that the processor will be available for purchase, with the company saying that it is due later this year along with a Core M vPro version. The company said in March that its Broadwell processors would ship during the American "holiday season".

The keynote also saw the unveiling of a new Core i7 chip, codenamed Devil's Canyon, that runs officially at a 4GHz base frequency. Designed for the overclocking crowd, Intel says the chip can safely reach 5GHz, with ZDNet witnessing the chip running at 4.4GHz in a fanless case.

"This processor has robust overclocking capabilities," James said. "I never thought I would be giving a Computex keynote talking about overclocking as a good thing, this is a big breakthrough for us."

Devil's Canyon, officially the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K processors, will enter production this month.

Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president, PC client group at Intel said that the company had recently seen record unit shipments of its Core i7, Core i5, and vPro processors.

"We don't see a sign of this XP refresh falling off a cliff," he said. "Corporate growth remains strong worldwide."

Intel introduced a new family of hardware and software products last week, with the ultimate goal of helping to deliver self-driving cars to the market.

Disclosure: Chris Duckett travelled to Computex as a guest of Intel.

Topics: Hardware, Intel


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  • sweet surface pro 4

    given what MSFT did with hasswell, I can't wait to see what they do with this one. Surface pro 3 shipped basically 8 months after surface pro 2. Will we see SP4 early next year? one can hope so because with these weight and power reductions we probably are looking at PC performance, full PC OS, fanless, and ipad air like weight and battery life. Basically one device to rule them all.
  • About time

    we saw a clock speed improvement. 4GHz base speed? I certainly hope it turns out better than AMD's FX-9000 series, which are really just speed-cherry-picked FX-8000's sold for the same price as Intel's 3970X/4970X processors, which are far superior.

    I'm hoping these 4GHz monsters are in the same price range as the other non-extreme i7's.
    Jacob VanWagoner
    • which, of course,

      are overpriced themselves. Intel has had a long run now of being top dog, and gouging accordingly. Here's hoping for some relief from AMD soon - and before any snark - I think the intelligent KNOW that they have the ability, just not the cash.
  • Cost Differential

    The SP2 cost more than the SP1 and the 3 more than the 2, I just wonder how the differential between the 3 and 4 will impact on price. It's also interesting to note that the difference between the 4 models is not functionality but of other factors one of which, price, is a big factor.
  • Where Mary at?

    Where Mary J F at?

    Is she covering this or not? She seems to know people that knows people at MSFT to connect tons of dots for us when it comes to WINTEL duopoly or conniving (In this case good ones)

    So, can someone get in touch with her to spill some beans.
    Alfred Soyemi