Intel's latest chip tech in action

Intel's latest chip tech in action

Summary: A look at the chipmaker's Sandy Bridge chip, Knights Ferry being put through its paces for a raytraced, a real-time version of Wolfenstein 3D and a silicon photonics setup

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  • At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, the chipmaker showed off its latest technology.

    It's IDF, so of course there must be a wafer shot. This is Sandy Bridge, the company's new flagship mainstream 32nm x86 processor, most notable for integrated graphics and the promise of high performance. This is the second 32nm processor family from Intel — the 'tock' of the 'tick-tock' cadence — so next up will be the 'tick' of 22nm, Ivy Bridge.

    For more on the tech at IDF, see our look at the tech at IDF.

    Photo credit: Rupert Goodwins

  • An intriguing piece of hardware, this is part of a quad-Knights Ferry system that Intel had configured to play a raytraced, real-time version of the game Wolfenstein 3D.

    The system runs at 1 teraflop, and delivers its video to any device capable of streaming video from the internet. The purpose of this board is unknown: an Intel employee spotted it being photographed and told ZDNet UK off.

    Photo credit: Rupert Goodwins

Topic: Processors

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