Intel's vision of the future: Wireless charging, 3D displays and intelligent cars

Intel's vision of the future: Wireless charging, 3D displays and intelligent cars

Summary: Chip giant Intel has showcased technology from 3D displays to digital assistants and wireless charging.


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  • This Twitter bubble machine is powered by Intel's Galileo — a microcontroller board based on an Intel system-on-a-chip.

  • When the appropriate hashtag is spotted in a tweet, the bubble machine starts up. Intel aims to give 50,000 of these boards to universities around the world.

  • Here's the board being used to run a set of lights — the linked smartphone app can change the colours. Galileo is aimed at students and makers while the smaller board, called Edison, is aimed at startups and developers of wearable projects.

Topics: Emerging Tech, Intel, Tablets

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    I invented a CPU cooler - 3 times better than previous best - better than water. Intel have major CPU cooling problems - "Intel's microprocessors were generating so much heat that they were melting" ( - try to talk to them - they send my communications to my competitor & will not talk to me
    Winners of major 'Corporate Social Responsibility' awardS!!
    Huh!!!! When did RICO get repealed?"
    BTW, I have the evidence - my competitor gave it to me.
    BBTW, I am prepared to apologize to Intel if;
    • They can show that the actions were those of a single individual in the company, acting outside corporate policy, and:
    • They gain redress on my behalf.
    Inventors - help your fellow inventors - share your experiences with companies - good and bad.
  • Pardon me

    Pardon to those who have seen my above post before - but I haven't got their attention yet -

    Stuart ;-)
  • P.S.

    P.S. Only been posting it for 3 or 4 years now, so p'raps they haven't seen it yet.
    • Don't give up hope; perhaps by the next century, they'll notice

      and give your great, great, great, great, great, grandchildren what was due you.
  • Intel is looking behind the times.

    Nothing here is at all interesting. You would imagine that such a big company would come up with interesting and original ideas rather than mere iterations of stuff that's already available.

    About the most useful item is the bowl charger and something I'd have thought was outside of Intel's general R&D remit.

    The laptop looks like a child's toy but if it can really deliver then a much better alternative than the iPad which many idiotic schools seem to be adopting.