Interactive wallpaper turns on the lights

Interactive wallpaper turns on the lights

Summary: A team at MIT has created electronically enhanced wallpaper that can be used to activate lamps, music systems and other devices with the touch of a hand

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  • A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created electronically enhanced wallpaper that has the ability to activate household objects, such as heaters, table lamps and music systems.

    The Living Walls Project, led by Leah Buechley at MIT's Media Lab, uses magnetic and conductive paints to create circuitry embedded in the wallpaper's designs.

  • According to a report in New Scientist, the team from MIT created the wallpaper by sandwiching steel foil between layers of paper coated with magnetic paint — acrylic paint infused with iron particles.

    The team painted motifs such as flowers and vines over the magnetic base using conductive paint, which is infused with copper particles rather than iron. The designs form circuits to which sensors, lights and other components can be attached.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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