Interesting Kickstarter campaign has a Macintosh connection

Interesting Kickstarter campaign has a Macintosh connection

Summary: Most of the Kickstarter campaigns with a Mac slant have been about games, but there's a new one that recently opened with a more productive purpose.


About a week and a half ago, developer Dennis Vogel introduced a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a Mac productivity application. And just as interesting, it's also a program that already exists.

Vogel is the developer of a number of useful apps for iOS (and even for the Mac), including the Index Card writing app for iPad and iPhone.

He is also the author of NumLock, an app that enables the number lock on the MacBook or Apple Wireless keyboard, turning 9 alpha keys into a block of number keys (the 7-9 keys are a part of the set). It's for touch-typing numbers as with a numeric keypad, which are available on full-size keyboards or as a stand-alone hardware option.

I have a working prototype of the app (unsigned) that I've been sharing with my friends. I'd like to make NumLock freeware and share it with the world, but need your help to make that a reality.

What the money is for: I'll donate my time to develop and support the app. Your backing will help cover out-of-pocket costs, including the following:

  • Membership to the Apple Mac Developer Program (required to sign the app)

  • Delivery of the app signed with a Developer ID certificate. This makes the app more secure, as the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper feature can verify that the app is not malware and has not been tampered with

  • Hosting of the app for download

  • Snazzy domain fees (easy to remember!)

  • Help desk and knowledge base hosting service fees.

He's more than made his original goal, but if you want to join in, please check it out here.

For an assortment of older Kickstarter campaigns with a Mac angle — all with less-than productive intent — there has been the Homeworld 3 game and the GlowWormz stickers for the MacBook Pro.

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  • Dennis Vogel knows

    there is a sucker born every minute (that is those who are giving him free money to become a developer as he does not want to pay it himself).
  • Another slant on shareware?

    Pogo. I understand your outrage. However, I see Kickstarter as a good thing. There are some guys who will do it all on the hope of a return. This was the shareware concept. Vogel has a different idea. He will give it away for the cost of creation and now there's a way to get that done. Before there wasn't.

    david m.