Internet Explorer 8 RC1

Internet Explorer 8 RC1

Summary: Get a glimpse of new features in IE 8's first Release Candidate


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  • Compatability View is a toggle button that appears on the toolbar when some elements of a Web site don't render properly. It automatically forces a change of rendering engine from IE 8 to IE 7 to keep the page looking as it should.

    Here, you can see that although Microsoft's own home page views correctly, and even both get the Compatibility View treatment as indicated by the presence of the broken-page icon.

    Credit: Seth Rosenblatt, CNET

  • One of the new features in the Release Candidate that wasn't in IE 8 beta 2 was the ability to tailor the Compatibility View list to your requirements. Users can configure all pages to render with the older engine, turn it off completely, or force-add sites on their own.

    Credit: Seth Rosenblatt, CNET

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