Internode boosts NBN Tassie uplink speeds

Internode boosts NBN Tassie uplink speeds

Summary: Internode has increased the upload speeds for Tasmanian National Broadband Network (NBN) customers by up to five times what was originally offered, the telco has announced today.

TOPICS: NBN, Broadband, Telcos

Internode has increased the upload speeds for Tasmanian National Broadband Network (NBN) customers by up to five times what was originally offered, the telco has announced today.

The telco has moved to align its offerings with the national plans outlined in the NBN Co business case released last month. Internode's top plan of 100Mbps downlink has had its uplink speed boosted from 8Mbps to 40Mbps. The company has also introduced a basic 12Mbps downlink and 1Mbps uplink plan.


Old vs. new NBN plans (Credit: Internode)

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said that the additional upload speeds incur no additional costs to customers.

"A key benefit of these faster upload speeds is that they better support new and emerging applications, such as high-definition IP video-conferencing," he said in a statement. "Faster upload speeds also improve the performance of telecommuting via internet virtual private networks, and support emerging business demands for cloud computing and networked data storage."

The plans will go into effect on 8 January.

Topics: NBN, Broadband, Telcos


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  • Nice. Now when is the NBN coming to my town? Not sure why they are even bothering with rolling this out in foreign countries like Tasmania while we miss out.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • Pity hardly anyone in the Tassie NBN areas are actually using it, never mind I am sure in theory the increased uplink speed is appreciated, I am sure the residents are dancing in the street all excited about all this HD IP video conferencing they can get into.
  • I'd guess on top of those who are now enjoying the already better than previous, NBN speeds in Tassie, once those on non-NBN contracts are off these contracts, they certainly will then consider using it, especially with even improved again, ("at no extra cost") speeds.

    If you have actual evidence to prove my assumption wrong, advocate, please supply it...!

    But let's not let that contractual possibility, get in the way of your usual and perpetual, contradictions, FUD and (sorry to say it) incessant lies. Which I can go over with you one by one, yet again if you'd like...?

    And feel free to at least once, try to answer these contradictory and incorrect claims of yours, rather than dodging, weaving and hiding from them, as you keep doing! You said these things, so it's time for you to either put up or shut up...!

    I see too, the Kiama NSW (which is one of the first mainland sites and interestingly after doing some digging ((pun intended)), I believe is in a safe federal Liberal seat) the "hardly any take-up" there is around 75%, according to ZD!

    And according to YOUR URL just 2 days ago, here -

    Remember this, where you wanted to highlight the 45% NBN take-up in Brunswick, but then "argued against your own supplied info in relation to this paragraph..."

    "The scheme is proving popular at other test sites with an average of more than 70 per cent of homes and business agreeing to have the cables installed across the nation's five first-release sites, including Townsville in Queensland and Armidale in New South Wales. {END}.

    And did you finally amass the courage to listen to this...?

    Refer 1:40 to 1:54 and 3:10 to 3:22 in particular...!

    Seems typically contrary to your claims (lies) Mr Samuel does clearly say , "he doesn't believe an NBN, CBA is possible". In fact he says it at least twice...! So please explain?

    But I'm sure, you'll simply admit to your ongoing error relating to this (ahem) and apologise for your wrongful, uneducated gibes... being the obvious, open-minded [sic] good sport [sic] you are!
  • A contract I would have thought was binding unless stipulated only new users would be effected by the upload changes.

    I am really becoming concerned about affordability and take up. If the numbers are not there in take up there could be consequences for pricing and roll out. The NBN can still be a fizzer of the worst kind effecting existing services and actually making the net unaffordable for most.
  • Very good point GBE...

    Although the article mentions no additional cost to customers, it doesn't actually spell out whether the upgrades are for existing customers or just new customers, as from Jan 8.

    Perhaps Josh could (please) obtain clarification...?
  • Hi RS -

    The increased upload speeds are for all existing Internode NBN customers (upgrades start from this Saturday and should be completed within a couple of weeks); as well as for all new signups.

    Cheers, Jim Kellett, Internode Product Manager
    Jim Kellett
  • Thanks Jim...
  • So how many of those that took a FREE connection in any area (hey it's free why not) have a active plan with Internode or iPrumus, keep working on that spin cycle RS.