Into the Lion's den

Into the Lion's den

Summary: Apple has this week released Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" to much fanfare and excitement, but I'm not convinced.


Apple has this week released Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" to much fanfare and excitement, but I'm not convinced.

Lion boasted "magical" new features like full-screen apps, FaceTime functionality, advanced multi-touch gestures and a consolidated view of apps including app folders when it roared onto the Mac App Store this week.

I'm worried, however, that this looks less like a new, advanced release of Mac OS X and more like a step backwards as Apple moves its Mac operating system towards the iOS as seen on iPads and iPhones.

It's time for Apple to wake up and realise that walling off a desktop operating system in the same way it has walled off iOS is going to lose it more users than it can count.

Watch the video that will engage the iCult.

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  • Meh, this report is pretty much pointless
  • Funny video. Useless tech commentary.
  • All the colours of Snow Leopard is now replaced with dull grey icons and windows-like square buttons! All the candy is gone. Work and Home is now just as dull as a lazy lion. bye bye colour. bye bye eye candy. bye...
    • And thats why everyone thinks that people that own macs have ADD :)
  • umm...where do I download the snow leopard? I tried and just got an os, not a pretty blonde haired lady in a white suit! :(