Intuit launches QuickBooks app for Mac

Intuit launches QuickBooks app for Mac

Summary: Intuit says the app enables users to access the online accounting software from any iOS device and automatically syncs data between devices.

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Intuit announced Thursday the release of a new QuickBooks app for Mac. Intuit says the app enables users to access the online accounting software from any Mac OS computer and automatically syncs data across multiple devices.

Key features of the app include menu bar notifications for real-time alerts, multi-window support and keyboard shortcuts, according to Intuit.

Intuit's Dan Wernikoff, SVP and GM of Intuit's Small Business Group, said the app is part of the company's bigger strategy to build an open ecosystem: 

"Small business owners who use a Mac can now access the power of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem while working with the operating system they know and love. This is another example of how we’ve turned QuickBooks into an open ecosystem of business management solutions that can be accessed from any device."

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  • A Tad Confused

    Quickbooks for Mac is not a new product. A Mac app does not run on iOS. Is this an announcement of iOS apps, a use of iCloud, a native front end to the online QB, or what?

    There's an omitted article in the first sentence and in the second, "by automatically syncs" looks to be a partial rewrite that left the sentence ungrammatical.

    This came from the press release, but multiple windows do not actually streamline things, in general. Not only that but the sentence as written uses streamline to modify how people want something. It should have been streamline their work.

    As for "any device," did they sort out Windows and Mac company file compatibility, because that is the number one friction point that keeps me running QB/Windows when I'm a Mac guy.

    Oh, keyboard shortcuts. Did someone use a time machine to bring us these amazing things from the future? Just as a note, I was helping a client set up QB for Mac for her business a few months ago and noticed that the keyboard shortcuts used different letters from the Windows version I'm very familiar with, which meant this VSMB (V for very) guy was impeded as I tried the Windows shortcut, then an educated guess on a Mac-translation, and then looked in the Menu.

    "Save even more time" is an advertising construct, along the lines of specials that promise you'll save more money by spending now. When doing a rewrite job, distill the press release copy down to the facts and omit the empty feel-good abstractions that the release writer wrote. Here's the primary reason: the worst writing is in the sales pitch and your name is on this byline.
  • Very, Very Confusing

    Per Danny's comments above, this is a very confusing article. Is this about Mac or IOS? What is really on offer here? Where might be a link to the actual Intuit information that could give us more information?
    How do multi-windows know what users want?

    Please clarify all the items here. Thanks.