iOS 7 beta 4 drops with updated lock screen, Notification Center and Phone buttons

iOS 7 beta 4 drops with updated lock screen, Notification Center and Phone buttons

Summary: After a slight delay from its two-week cadence, Apple has released a new beta of the forthcoming iOS to developers.

Apple releases iOS 7 beta 4 with updated lock screen, Notification Center and Phone buttons - Jason O'Grady

Apple today released iOS 7 beta 4 to developers after a longer than usual delay between builds believed to be the result of a security breach which brought the Developer Center offline for 8 days. 

Beta 4, labeled as build 11A4435d, comes exactly 21 days after the release of beta 3. A week later than iOS 7 betas 2 and 3 which were released every two weeks like clockwork.

The new beta release includes a number of enhancements and changes, including a redesigned lock screen, improvements to Notification Center and a cancel button on the search screen according to MacRumors.

  • The lock screen contains a new Slide to Unlock icon and animation which make it slightly more obvious. It also includes new bar icons to expose Notification Center and Control center. 
  • Notification Center now supports swiping left and right to switch between Today, All and Missed. There is also a new notification for completed uploads.
  • Perhaps the most immediately visible changes are to the Phone app, including refined Answer, End, Decline, Remind Me and Message buttons.
  • Another new feature is the ability to set up a completely new Apple TV from an iPhone running iOS 7.

Other news features in iOS 7 beta 4, including changes to Siri, Mail and Messages, are being tracked at MacRumors.

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  • Wow, that's a lot of U-turns

    apple just did a bunch of 180s, must mean they are leaderless.
    • That is harsh!

      Seriously harsh. I'm no Apple lover or hater but I appreciate the attention to detail that Apple gives to their products. I wish more manufacturers obsessed about quality like Apple did.

      That said, I think their products have grown a bit stale lately. I am still waiting to see if a Steve Jobless Apple will be able to create a "next big thing" or something more innovative than shrinking the current iPad, stretching the previous iPhone or flatting the existing UI.

      How long should we wait to see Tim Cook's Apple release something innovative? I'm beginning to worry that this is it from them.

      • Soon!

        I´m 100% certain that they will be coming out soon with not one, but a few new and innovating devices. They are sitting on $150+ Billions and have a bunch of people working on it. The thing is that Apple will not release it until it is ready... unlike for example how Microsoft releases their crap.
        • Apple Map

          Just like the Apple Maps... oh wait....... :/
          Chris Durkin
          • Oh...

            So one slip up and that's it? Lol okay.
        • you're holding it wrong

          Apple took 4 generations of iphones to realise they were calculating the signal strength wrong.
          The patch for the iphone4 antenna shorting issue was a free bumper case.
          You would have to be a blind fanboy to think all Apple products are just perfect.
      • Uh..

        ...did we not see the new Mac Pro? Is that design not innovative?
        • trash can mac pro?

          it's not a mac pro.
          a mac pro has room for internal drives and expansion cards.
          it's a mac mini shaped like a trash can.
          form before function does not make it innoative, unless you are a rabid fanboy.
          • What trash can?

            You mean this one:

            Notice they have a mini version as well.
    • A lot?

      Well, that´s what Betas are for.... Unlike Microsoft, who does the u-turns after they release their final versions... Ops!
  • Hmm

    When they let me set my own default applications for basic functions let me know. Until then, Android is the only platform I'll use.
    • Jailbreak!?

      Isn´t that possible when you jailbreak it? I believe so!
      • Umm

        Have you found an untethered jail break for the current version of the OS yet? I certainly have not so I question if 7 will be jailbroken anytime soon.
        • do your research before you reply

          Obviously if you really paid attention to how the hackers work you'd know that they don't release a jailbreak for EVERY little minor update that Apple throws up. Apple patches those the exploits that the hackers use for the jailbreak. They never release a jailbreak on a beta version because then it would be a lot easier for Apple to fix the bugs that lead to the jailbreak. They know how to keep some good exploits up their sleeve. iOS 7 will be jailbroken but it's not set in stone to how soon it will be jailbroken. They're not releasing another jailbreak to the current version because by now people should know not to freely update to whatever new firmware that comes out unless its jailbreakable so they're not going to waste time fixing newbies mistakes.
      • iPologist city

        wow so much iPologies.
        if you need to jailbreak it, you have already lost the point of having Apple products.
  • Apple wakes up two years later.

    All this stuff has been in android phones for some time and apple acts like it's new ideas.
    • Really?

      I had no idea Android had finger print scanning and biometric security. Thanks for the news!
      • They're both playing catch-up.

        Fingerprint/bio-metric scanners have standard in business notebooks for years now.

        Fighting over something like this is pointless.
        • Re: Fighting over something like this is pointless.

          Absolutely. Especially since currently Apple owns the company that makes most of this tech.. including on notebooks.
          • Nope

            Apple owns the company with multilevel scanning patents. There are other companies making these but, they all stink.