iOS 7 beta 5 drops with revamped Settings, Control Center and Messages

iOS 7 beta 5 drops with revamped Settings, Control Center and Messages

Summary: Apple's out with a new beta just eight days after beta 4. The good news is that Skype and Google Plus open on this release.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

Apple stepped up its iOS 7 release schedule this week releasing beta 5 to developers a short eight days after beta 4. Labeled build 11A4449a, the newest version of Apple's mobile operating system comes with an overhauled Settings app with colored icon as seen in this screenshot posted at MacRumors:

iOS 7 beta drops with revamped Settings, Control Center and Messages - Jason O'Grady

Other features include a new (and much needed) Control Center setting that allows the feature to be turned off while in apps. This prevents Control Center from being accidentally invoked when dragging up from the bottom in an app. Many people had problems with Control Center conflicting with controls and buttons located along the lower edge of an app's UI.

iOS 7 beta 5's new Control Center - Jason O'Grady

The problem is that beta 5's Control Center implementation uses an all-or-nothing approach. The new "Access Within Apps" slider turns off Control Center for all apps, which is not ideal. It would be better if the Control Center setting allowed you to blacklist apps that conflicted with the feature. Or alternatively, you could whitelist apps that you did want Control Center to work with.

Other features include an updated power off slider, new phone icons, banner notification pull-down behavior, new On/Off toggles in the Accessibility settings and a new Twitter icon. Changes are being tracked on MacRumors and its forums

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • Brilliant!

    Your suggestion. " It would be better if the Control Center setting allowed you to blacklist apps that conflicted with the feature. Or alternatively, you could whitelist apps that you did want Control Center to work with." is truly fantastic. I hope they some how get a hold of it and implement it.
    • Still no location services toggle in control panel...

      To turn location service on or off you have to tap the services icon, then scroll down to privacy and tap that, then tap location services, then tap the toggle to turn it on or off. How the eff is location services not in the control panel!? Absolutely ridiculous...
      Cl Reply
      • Apple needs to copy Android a little better

        The iOS control center should be customizable by the enduser the way it is on Android.
        • In other words...

 want Apple to be Android. Good idea, nothing to say. :-)
          Maria Davidenko
      • I leave location services on

        I always leave locations services on. That way if I lose my Apple device, I can still find it.
    • This means the implementation is a failure.

      This is typical Apple: Instead of recognizing that this design is a failure (the secret swiping up from the bottom, with no definition of WHERE you're suppose to start the swipe), they pile more mistakes on top of it in the form of a hokey workaround.

      Apple's solution is basically a control that says "Disable this defective design most of the time."

      Meanwhile, glaring functional gaps like this still persist:
      • I'm sure it won't be that hard to figure out how.

        As long as it's easy to discover it'll work fine. If it's anything like windows 8 you just swipe up from the bottom.
        Sam Wagner
        • Why?

          Why would you just "swipe up from the bottom", especially when there's no control depicted there?
          Oscar Goldman
  • Definitely better

    I've downloaded it yesterday and was fairly pleased to see the colors back to the Settings app. This brought it back to life. I absolutely agree , that Control center should be disabled per application , like ios6 Notifications center. I think, this is only the matter of time for Apple to implement it. Actually, all these changes(from beta1 to 5) mean , that Apple listens to our opinions or at least takes them into account.
    Maria Davidenko
    • Yes, put the customers to work patching up a defective design.

      So every time people install an app (or even update one), they should be tasked with testing the UI on every one of the app's screens to see if it conflicts with Apple's broken design. Then they can pull up this list of apps, hunt down the one they're dealing with, and disable the Control Center.

      Really? Instead of Apple fixing this idiotic design, they should have the user do a global audit of all his applications and then write down the ones to disable, then scroll through a list of them and check them off?

      • Notification center

        What about Notifications center? This is exactly how it built.We disable notifications , where we don't want them, what the problem with control center???
        Maria Davidenko
        • He pointed it out.

          He stated the problem in the article: Its undefined "swiping" area conflicts with the UI of applications.

          If you're asking why this is an invalid workaround to this design defect, it's because it requires the users to audit every screen of every application they use, testing for this defect. Then they'd have to note the ones that failed the test, and go through the list of every app on the phone and deactivate Control Center for them. Then they'd have to repeat this process when applications were updated.

          Deciding whether you want notifications from a recipe application is a clear choice. Requiring users to test every screen of every application is would take an already defective design to a new level of hokiness and embarrassment.
          Oscar Goldman
  • Has Apple Figured Out An Answer To This Yet?

    That's part of the officially-supported API for writing a wi-fi analyzer, introduced with the very first version of Android.
    • So what???

      Why should Apple implement something , "introduced with the very first version of Android"????
      Leave Apple to be Apple and Android- to stay Android. After all,because of that difference the customers are able to choose.
      Maria Davidenko
      • Re: Leave Apple to be Apple

        Not a good strategy for staying competitive in an increasingly Android-dominated market.
        • Re: increasingly Android-dominated market....

          The endless who did what first continues. Sure iOS has features similar to that of Android but in many cases Apple were the innovators with iOS and Android did copy.

          Android is indeed excellent. One only needs to look at the Samsung Galaxy. Android has brought the Tablet to a wider audience and more affordable. That being said I am still left reaching for my iPad and iPhone.

          The lawsuits will no doubt continue of claim and counter claim between the two systems.

          However it is all becoming frivolous. Bottom line what does the average consumer care as long they are getting a quality product.
          • Re: The endless who did what first continues

            Sorry, were you replying to something somebody said inside your own head?
          • What a wit.

            Pure genius. You're done for the day. Go back to your mom's basement now.
          • Not quite

            The evidence is for all to see. iOS is moving in Androids direction than the other way around. That is how you can tell that Android is a more user friendly OS and the people have voted it so through their purchases of Android devices both tablets and phones.
          • Apple is going French Golden Delicious, nice looking but no taste anymore

            Think you'll find HTC were the original innovators with their xda models and they'll be back in the near future
            Kevin Morley