iOS 7 jailbreak arrives with non-Cydia app store bundled for China

iOS 7 jailbreak arrives with non-Cydia app store bundled for China

Summary: A jailbreak for iOS 7 has appeared in the form of evasion7, but not before setting off a furore by including a new app store for Chinese users.

TOPICS: Security, Apps, iOS

Just over three months have passed since the release of iOS 7, and the first jailbreak for the latest Apple mobile operating system has been released by the evaders team in the form of evasion7.

While the evaders team claims that jailbreaking an iOS 7 device takes only five minutes, the release has not been without its share of criticism, following issues with the Cydia package manager and the evaders entering into a commercial partnership to bundle the Taig app store for Chinese users of the jailbreak.

After accusations that Taig is full of pirated apps, evaders responded in a blog post saying that preventing piracy is "extremely important", and that its intent is to help developers by having a piracy-free store in China.

"In our agreement with Taig, we contractually bind them to not have piracy in their store. This was an extremely important precondition of working with them," the blog post said.

"We are very upset that despite our agreement and review by their team, piracy was found in the store. It was not acceptable, and they have been strenuously working to resolve the problem in good faith, and have removed all instances of it that we have brought to their attention."

Evaders said that Taig will be pulled from the jailbreak release if the pirated apps continue to be found.

Despite releasing the jailbreak with known issues using Cydia and MobileSubstrate, the evaders team said that it expects updates to be released in the coming days.

Update: Evaders have decided to disable the default installation of Taig pending an investigation into the piracy on the store.

Topics: Security, Apps, iOS


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  • despite apples efforts the man with the plan is long gone

    despite apples efforts the man with the plan is long gone , I phone dead issue , and coming from jobs who stole Unix is it such a suprise the biggest thief is dead gates is giving money away to make money. lets just let these two useless tech giants go

      Do you even have any clue what you're talking about?
      1) iPhone continues to sell more units and increase profits every quarter year over year, and is the highest selling phone on EVERY carrier that carries it. Dead? What?
      2) Stole Unix? WTH are you talking about? First, Unix was not a "steal-able" entity. Second, what would you call Linux then? And Android?
      3) WTH does Gates have to do with anything?!?
      4) Do you just hit the shift key at rare, totally random intervals while typing?
  • Mac's OSX is a form of Unix...

    @.DeusExMachina.: It is well-known that Apple's OSX is based on NetBSD, which is (in turn) based on Unix. I would suspect this no-life /assumed/ that since Gates literally stole the original Mac's OS (and released it as Windows v1) that Jobs and Apple had stolen Unix code. Not entirely implausable, given that (potential) mindset.

    As for his typing? I tend to agree, it's sloppy. LOL
    Raymond Danner
    • It's not based on BSD, it's based on Mach, w/ BSD extensions, but whatever