iOS 7 now runs 74 percent of Apple tablets, iPods and smartphones

iOS 7 now runs 74 percent of Apple tablets, iPods and smartphones

Summary: Android KitKat might have reached 1.1 percent of handsets in one month, but, as usual, the latest version of iOS is reaching Apple devices a lot quicker.


Apple's iOS 7 has been installed on the majority of iPhones, iPads and iPods in the two and a half months since its release, according to App Store figures from Apple.

Apple's latest figures, showing the iOS versions running on devices connecting to the App Store in the week ending 1 December, indicate that 74 percent are on iOS 7, 22 percent are using iOS 6, and four percent use earlier versions. iOS 7's share is up 10 percent since October. 

2013-12-06 01.03.47 pm
iOS distribution December 2013. Credit: Apple.

That should be good news for iOS developers, who need to consider device compatibility when working with different APIs built into iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Developers building for Android are confronted with a very different picture. Google's breakdown of Android versions on devices that connected to the Google Play store in the week leading up to 2 December, revealed that KitKat Android 4.4, which shipped with the Nexus 5 on October 31, had reached 1.1 percent — an impressive pace for Android with the new OS available for all Nexus devices (except Galaxy Nexus), HTCs and Samsung's Google Play Edition smartphones and Moto X.

Meanwhile, Jelly Bean 4.3, which was released in July, was now on 4.2 percent of Android devices. Although Jelly Bean (4.1 to 4.3) is the most widely used OS at just over 50 percent, there are still five main versions of Android and eight different APIs for developers to juggle, with a significant number of users still on releases from 2010 — such as the 24 percent still on Gingerbread (2.3) and 1.6 percent on Froyo (2.2). Then there are the 18.6 percent on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google did promise to address fragmentation with KitKat by giving it the ability to run on lower-end hardware, but this news hasn't turned out so well for owners of the Galaxy Nexus, which Google has excluded from the KitKat update.

Although, thanks to Google Play Services — Google's own app updater service — Android owners can still get many of Google's own goodies when Android OEMs and carriers avoid updating older devices.

2013-12-03 12.59.39 pm
Android version distribution, December 2013. Credit: Google.

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  • Nauseous

    iOS 7 isn't so bad. After you throw-up 3 or 4 times you begin to lose the nauseous feeling.
    Sean Foley
    • Yes, because so many people do that

      All those people walking down the street with iPhones, all feeling physically ill because of an operating system... rolleyes.
      • You got it

        As your walking down the street you first hunch over, rolleyes, then spew, and then go back to playing with iOS7. Its a blast.
        Sean Foley
      • i drone need to see the light

        guess what not every thing about the MAGICAL phone is perfect
    • Hardly a problem

      This is the least of the iOS7 issues, the real problem is the new look. Many find it unattractive, less intuitive and in areas less efficient. Now the iOS7 does bring some nice features but they are marginalized but the almost universally disliked new appearance. No one wants to see kindergarten like icons a' la WinPhone on their iPhone. Why is Apple taking ideas from a loser.

      Apple had a very nice product but felt completed to remark it so as to be thought of as stagnant and in the process did a poor job. They need to focus more on new innovations rather then remaking an already class leading OS.
  • 80% of all phones and tablets in the world are android OS

    No Comparison. Also Apple is losing its shirt with 85 dollar quad core tablets that blow the roof off of Apple in all ways
    • The article isn't about market share

      It is about version share on the individual platforms.
      • Your Right except Apple has one hardware platform

        Now 2.2 and 3.2 Android are used for Pay as you go. Just for example. They work great and will be used for years to come. It is not fair to compare the 2. Apple has there icon rich not able to customize simple minded cult following phone and android just makes a peoples phone. I have a droid x2 it is 3 years old and running 4.1. Good for another 2 years and a new battery from ebay for 3 dollars.
        • Fragmentation

          The problems with Android and old versions are:

          1. Developers will write to the lowest common denominator API, thus excluding new hot features.

          2. Older software versions are susceptible to malware which takes advantage of software vulnerabilities fixed in newer versions of the OS.

          #1 may not be all that important to most Android users who really don't buy much software and basically treat their devices as feature phones - low end Android phones ARE the new feature phone.
          • Backup, reset phone, restore apps if need be.

            I can spend 15 minutes a years doing that.
          • If the developers are doing that, they're bad developers.

            The chart clearly shows that about 75% of all Android devices are running 4.0 or later which has a large commonality with all following versions. A smart developer develops for the majority, not the stragglers.

            And most of the remaining stragglers are buying seriously cheap tablet and phone knockoffs that often use really strange hardware and AOSP Android, which means no Google Play access. This isn't a market you want to be chasing.

            Moreover, even in THAT market, most new devices are running 4.x.
          • good old windows

            people are still writing apps that have compatability with windows xp why because there MARKET SHARE IS STILL HIGHER THAN MACINTOSH android is the new windows i phone will slowly become an also ran
      • price matters

        an i phone costs about a 1000 dollar + tax in some countries a quad core android with 1 gb ram with 5 inches of real estate cost less than 200 dollars(tax included) with a one year warranty + hav you seen the prices of moto g ?
        • typo

          its have not hav
    • Yep

      Losing their shirt with record profits. Sure thing dude.
      • Chart GOOG then APPL for this past 1.5 years.

        Appl 700 down to 500 (and falling). Google 500 to almost 1100. And this is when the market has been rising.
        • Ugh. I hate this argument.

          First off - share prices do not necessarily reflect anything meaningful about a company other than investor confidence or the desirability of the stock (which comes from all sorts of often irrational sources).

          Apple's share decline is a product of its stock already being way too overpriced combined with a loss of confidence - even though Apple was being very profitable through that period.

          Share prices also are affected by stock availability. They don't just print them up on demand. Apple has a lot more shares out there than Google - so that alone can inflate a popular stock faster than simple factors like profitability.

          Finally, Apple's stock prices are mostly irrelevant to Apple in terms of operations. When a share's price goes up, Apple doesn't get any of that. It really only affects their ability to get loans (high share prices imply strong confidence and so banks are willing to assume that should a loan become risky - the company can sell more stock to cover it).
    • I really wish there was an IQ test before they let people post.

      You my friend have an IQ of a stump and I apologies to any stumps out there I might be offending. Not only are you posting incorrect information but it is not even pertaining to the article.

      Apple is showing record profits and have you ever used a sub $100 dollar pad? You know the old saying "you pay peanut you get monkeys" and these pads are all monkey.

      Now go home get to bed and attempt to grow a brain so you stop embarrassing yourself with such uninformed, ignorant posts....have a nice day.
      • My IQ is pretty high you should stay in your cave

        Plato and the allegory of the cave. you are one that will never see the light. Google "hisense sero 7 pro" 85 dollars. Take your peanut monkey brain and go back to your cave. You will never be allowed in the light.
      • Here's the thing...

        Apple is showing 'record profits'. But so are Microsoft, Google, Samsung... we're in a strange era of everyone constantly having record profits. Even small companies are because, of course, 'record' only means 'we beat our last quarter' and so is entirely relative.

        I.E. Your company made $1B last quarter and mine made $1M. This quarter you made $1.5B and I made $1.5M. Not only did we both have record quarters - we even did with the same *percentage* growth.

        Get it?