iOS app helps parents predict kid's clothing sizes

iOS app helps parents predict kid's clothing sizes

Summary: A new iPhone app helps parents, grandparents, and extended families buy kids clothes by predictions of clothing sizes.

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Pint size app helps parents predict kid's clothing sizes - Jason O'Grady

I have a pair of kids (and boy are they cute!) and the requisite expenses associated with things like food and clothing. I'm quickly realizing that while food prices are definitely rising, the price of clothing can kill your budget even quicker. 

A recent conversation with my five-year-old daughter went something like this:

Her "Daddy, I really want these Ugg boots!"

Me: "But they're $130!"

Her: "Ok!"

But that's not the worst part. Her two-year-old brother immediately found his own little pair of Uggs that he also had to have because, naturally, his sister was holding a pair. 

Kids grow fast and it's especially evident in areas of the world with big swings in seasonal temperatures -- like the northeastern part of the U.S. (San Diego gets a pass). The problem is that seasonal children's clothing (especially pricey winter garments like coats and, well, boots) may only fit your offspring for one season if they're fast growers. This can be especially expensive if you buy winter boots late in the season and your kids only wear them a couple of times before they go into storage in the spring. 

The answer, of course, is to buy kid's clothes at thrift and consignment stores. A little planning when purchasing children's apparel can save you serious time and money. 

Luckily, there's an algorithm for that. 

I've been testing a new app called Pint Size ($2.99, App Store) that attempts to solve this problem. It combines medical science, the identification of the growth curves for a child based on their current height and weight, and translates them into predictions of clothing sizes for 44 major US brands. You enter your child's dimensions (height, weight, and birth date) and the app predicts their clothing sizes in the future (above).

Pint Size supports multiple families and shares size information via email, text, and Facebook. It also provides growth history, future growth and size predictions, and even has a photo album to show the child growing up.

The developer tells me upcoming features include additional sharing options, Passbook and iCloud integration and support for more retailers. The user interface and graphics could use an update but the core functionality and concept are awesome. And so is any app that keeps me from buying $200 worth of boots that won't fit next season.


Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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    I have tried this app for my children, because taking them shopping with me is quite the challenge.. I found it disappointing as the amount of brands is very limited and the app was not very user-friendly. I did really like the idea of an app that helps you recommend sizes for your kids, so I looked around on the app store to see if there are any other size apps and then I discovered AlvaKids. Which is a free app for both iOS and Android (which is useful as my husband is very anti-apple). The app from AlvaKids has a lot more brands and you can also use their service on a couple of websites. AND its free!