iPad app of the week -- CalenMob Pro

iPad app of the week -- CalenMob Pro

Summary: Google Calendar users should check out CalenMob Pro for the iPhone and iPad, our iPad app of the week.

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Month view
Month view

Google Calendar users with an iPad should check out the app of the week. CalenMob Pro has an uncluttered interface that syncs nicely with Google Calendar and makes it easy to keep up with multiple calendars.

In addition to syncing with Google Calendar when the app starts and events are changed, CalenMob Pro has an offline mode that works with Google Calendar without a web connection. Events can be changed and/or created offline and will automatically sync to Google Calendar when a connection is available. The app will also work with the iOS calendar.

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CalenMob has all of the standard calendar views: day, week, month, year, and agenda. There is also a 4-day view which is particularly useful on the iPad and iPad mini.

Event entry is easy with the special entry controls in the app. It provides a simple tap interface for selecting the date and time for the appointment. Events can be assigned a contact from the Contacts app on iOS6.

CalenMob Pro is $6.99 which is a little expensive for a calendar app but is worth it for those with busy Google Calendars. It is one of the most-used apps on my iPad and iPad mini.

Week view
Week view
Agenda view
Agenda view
Event entry
New event entry view
Day view
Day view

Topics: Apps, iPhone, iPad, Reviews

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  • iPad app of the week -- CalenMob Pro

    Another Outlook calendar clone, but with the benefit of passé skeuomorphic design.
  • Interesting

    I wonder how it compares to subscribing to google calendars, via ical, in the native ios app?
  • Comparison to Calendars+ (now Calendars 5)

    I'd be interested in hearing a comparison to Calendars+ which I have been using for 2 years and loved it! The latest version (renamed Calendars 5) includes drag and drop, one tap creation, and natural language input. Debating on trying a new app or staying with the app that I has managed our family activities successfully for the past 2 years - mostly because it was zdnet app of the week.