iPad-based POS systems add customization features

iPad-based POS systems add customization features

Summary: Updates from Revel Systems and ShopKeep POS allow smaller retailers or food services more flexibility when it comes to pricing, ordering options.

TOPICS: SMBs, Mobility, Tablets

Two pioneers in the tablet point-of-sale (POS) arena -- Revel Systems and ShopKeep POS -- have updated their iPad-based platforms with new features that allow for more customization.

The new twist for ShopKeep POS (pictured below) is a module that lets restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries and similar food service operations personalization orders and then have them printed to the kitchen or food preparation area. The idea is to help minimize errors or misinterpretations, as well as speed up order flow during peak customer service periods. 


"It takes us to the next level of speed," said Eric Faust, owner of the Duluth Coffee Company in Minnesota. "We don't have to write on cups, it all just prints over at the counter and improves efficiency."

Faust selected ShopKeep POS for the sleekness of its design on the counter -- it has a lower profile than other systems, making it seem like there are fewer things coming between customers and those who are serving them. The technology also appeals to Duluth Coffee's clientele, which has a "lot of hip young people," Faust said.

ShopKeep POS (now used by approximately 3,000 locations around the United States) also recently added a time clock feature that allows managers and employees to keep better track of shift times right from within the POS system. 

Customization is also the focus of an upgrade from Revel Systems, which has introduced variable pricing and variable weight pricing features into its cloud-based retail POS application (which can be integrated with QuickBooks and other accounting software).

The developer also has released an inventory module that runs on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad Mini that will allow retailers to update, change and print labels for inventory in real time; and it has announced an integration with Honeywell's Bluetooth barcode scanner for mobile scanning applications. 

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  • Ipad Point of Sale

    Both these companies are doing very well in this field but based on the level of investment both have had, in particular shop-keep, it's surprising that in terms of platform and functionality that in two years they only have just released a feature to print in the kitchen. This is buy no means new, it's been around for decades in conventional pos of this style.
    I'm founder of a new start-up working in this field. Tillify is launching Jan 2013 and we hope we too can follow in the foot-steps on both these successful companies. But i feel our job is to revolutionize the experience both sides of the counter. In doing so I think features such as these which have been around for decades need to be quickly bought on board if we are going to get momentum in this demanding software space.

    Well done to Shopkeep and particularly Revel.

    Martin Webb
    • iPad POS vs Traditional Cash Register & POS Systems

      Totally agree with Tillify.com. Don't get me wrong, these iPAD POS systems look great, but the functionality just covers basics. This article shows just that! These features have been around for a while. Even our smallest cash registers can do this and these are cheaper than iPADs.

      Patrick G.
  • A plus for Apple

    I post a lot of complaints about Apple but the POS area is where Apple really is the best choice for this space. The ecosystem is robust for POS solutions, the devices consistent, security is handled well. It can actually save a business money to go with one of these solutions over time.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • Why compare the two?

    This article is a little misleading. Revel Systems has had back room printing for a long time. In fact they have a feature where you can have a second display in the back that shows the order. Something cool about this is that it allows the back room able to communicate with the front in real time. Again this is a feature that has existed for some time.

    Also Revel Systems is honestly in a different league. Yeah I guess they are kinda like the other company because they recently introduced a new feature, variable pricing, but they have larger clients. They have been working with Popeyes, Chocolate Mountain Fudge Cake, and they just signed on Belkin and Goodwill.

    I might be a little biased since I use Revel Systems. Im glad I made the choice to join them and from what ive seen from the other POS systems it was the right one.
  • SalesVu mPOS

    Great article! You've probably heard of us, but SalesVu specializes in mobile POS solutions as well. We have become the preferred mPOS solutions provider for many businesses in the retail, service, and food & beverage industry. Stay connected with us on Twitter (@SalesVu) and we'll do the same for you!
  • My iPad Point of Sale Register

    Check out this Point of Sale Register I designed for iPad, I also do custom orders and requests.