iPad keyboard cases for BYOD (February 2013 edition)

iPad keyboard cases for BYOD (February 2013 edition)

Summary: Here are the four of the best iPad keyboard cases that I've tried, along with pros and cons for each. Every one of these keyboard case combos is well-suited to BYOD use.


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  • ZAGGkeys PROplus

    I don't like the fact that the keyboard doesn't protect the back of the iPad. Other than that, a well-designed keyboard case.


    • Backlit keys
    • Adds very little bulk to the iPad
    • Very nice keyboard
    • Aluminum finish
    • Keyboard can be charged from a USB port


    • Offers little protection for the iPad
    • Can be hard to disengage the iPad from the slot

    Price: $129.99.

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

    Very lightweight and thin, but feels fragile to me. 


    • Solid piece of kit
    • Adds very little bulk to the iPad
    • Very responsive keyboard
    • Keyboard can be charged from a USB port


    • Offers little protection for the iPad

    Price: $99.99.

  • Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

    This is my current iPad keyboard case of choice. I've written tens of thousands of words on this keyboard, and it is accurate and nice to work on for extended periods. It also offers some—but not much—protection to the iPad.


    • Keyboard recharges using a solar panel
    • Solar panel works with natural and artificial light
    • Offers decent protection for the iPad
    • Dual-position keyboard allows it to be used as a media keyboard
    • Bluetooth keyboard activates automatically
    • Lightweight


    • Outer not very durable
    • No way to keep cover closed
    • Solar panels are underneath the keyboard when in use, and therefore don't charge the device

    Price $129.99.

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  • They still look bulky and clumbsy

    I'm sure they help get the job done when typing is required, but all of them are at direct odds with the strengths of the iPads designs.
  • Best on offer

    turns a tablet into a laptop/ultrabook clone.

    Interesting conclusion.
    Little Old Man
  • Still missing the boat.

    Maybe I just want my cake and to eat it, too. None of these keyboards are worth a hoot to a good touch typist. I don't care how thin or how protective or how portable the keyboard might be. I'll take my full size Dell BT wireless keyboard with full travel keys and tactile feel any day, any time. And I'm waiting for a good keyboard that will do Android and Apple, both. Better yet, why not a slot in my Dell Keyboard that will allow an Ipad and an Android phone in the same slot? Just touch the screen of the one which you wish to type. Where is this? I'm not gonna nibble on this bait until it has full travel keys, good tactile feedback and sculpted for the fingers. From where did "Flat top" keyboard keys come? Pianos? The best portable keyboard EVER DESIGNED was the quad fold up keyboard for the Palm Pilot of some years ago. Was not bluetooth, but had the greatest full keyboard feel and practicality. Folded to the size of a paperback book. Did Palm end up buried in some conglomerate empire somewhere? I bought one of those and still have it if anyone wants to see what a real keyboard looks like.

    Ahhh...fantasies and dreams, if only they'd come true! Clicking my ruby red slipper heals together. Isn't there an Android app for that?
  • You missed the boat on the ZAGGKeys PROfolio+

    It protects the back of the ipad. http://www.ebay.com/itm/300833663234 I think it's too easy to disengage though.
  • Can it really be both?

    Is the Logitech Ultrathin both a solid piece of kit and something that feels fragile? I've been thinking about getting one, but then remember that my laptop, while heavier and larger, has a comfortable keyboard, tons of storage relative to my iPad, and has all my stuff on it locally, so I don't need to rely on WiFi wherever I go.
  • If I needed a keyboard for...

    the things I do on my tablet, I would just purchase an Ultrabook. It's pointless to buy a thin, light device like a tablet, then encumber it with a heavy, crappy, keyboard case. At that point, you are approaching the weight and bulk of an Ultrabook, so why not just get that instead?
  • The shots of the ClamShellPro

    Are misleading, and look like MBA shots. The Clamshell Pro, which is now being shipped, is white plastic underneath, not aluminum or silver. Early reviews are people find it to be the most solid KB of all the KB-covers out there
    • Maybe its the shadows..

      The top, and I think part of the sides are silver paint.

      Some early shots/reviews here...

  • AWK Connects to Both iPad & My Samsung Galaxy S III

    My Samsung Chromebook is lightweight, has an almost full-sized keyboard, easily connects via standard HDMI cable to a flat-screen TV (giving me two monitors to use), boots quickly, and I recently found that I could hook up an old USB webcam to it to take video forward facing. I would use the iPad if I wanted to take images or video to push to YouTube. If the Apple Wireless Keyboard is nearby, my Android phone is all I need to take notes (send them to my WordPress site via email, and take & attach photos of handwritten notes, or notes on the whiteboard).