iPad Office users can print, and Cortado shows how

iPad Office users can print, and Cortado shows how

Summary: When Microsoft released Office for the iPad, many complained that there wasn't a way to print from the device. Cortado points out that its ThinPrint Cloud Printer combined with a One Drive procedure solves the problem.

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iPad: The Missing Printing Manual

iPad: The Missing Printing Manual

Have you ever wanted to print from your iPad or iPhone? Here's the skinny: It involves AirPrint, Apple's little-known wireless printing protocol, and some gotchas.

Henning Volkmer, President and CEO of Cortado, stopped by for a quick update and to explain how his company's ThinPrint Cloud Printer software combined with a little Microsoft One Drive three step can help iPad users print documents from Microsoft's Office for iPad.

The three-step iPad printing dance

Here are the three steps Volkmer presented in his demo:

  1. Use Microsoft Office for iPad to save document in Microsoft's One Drive
  2. Start Microsoft's One Drive app, open the file
  3. Select the Open in Other App in the One Drive App and then select Cortado's ThinPrint Cloud Printer app

That's it. You're done.

Snapshot analysis

While Volkmer's demonstration was slick and easy to understand, Cortado isn't the only choice when it comes to printing Microsoft Office for  iPad documents. My colleague, Jason Perlow presented a different approach, one based upon Apple's AirPrint, in his article, iPad: The Missing Printing Manual.

Both Volkmer and I thought it unfortunate that Apple made printing from the iPad so difficult and that Microsoft Office only support's Microsoft's own One Drive as a location to save documents. We wondered how long the market would tolerate those limitations.

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  • We use HandyPrint.

    Anyone in our office can print to any printer on our network. HandyPrint is made by Netputing.
  • Printer on a Windows Tablet

    All these issues and workarounds aren't even needed with a Windows tablet. Just install your network printer, either via USB or LAN IP or print server or even HomeGroup.

    I really don't print much but I do at work. Just another example of other devices being good consumer devices and Windows devices being good productivity devices.
    Rann Xeroxx
    • When the apps appear, customers will follow.

      Rann, Thanks for your comment. When the apps I use appear, I might consider a Windows device. Until then, it would just be another electronic paperweight in my office.

      Dan K