iPad: Safer choice for many over Android

iPad: Safer choice for many over Android

Summary: Those trying to decide on a tablet will find choosing the iPad (either size) to be a lower risk over Android.

iPad over Android

There must be a lot of folks trying to decide on a tablet, based on the regular correspondence I receive from them. The question often centers around which is a better fit, the iPad or an Android tablet. While there's no easy answer to that question, getting an iPad is a safer choice for most.

There’s nothing wrong with Android tablets, far from it. They are capable devices that many are happy to own. They’re not for everybody, however, and it’s important to realize that when first shopping for a tablet.

People who enjoy fiddling with their mobile gadgets will love Android. It can be customized in many ways and adapted to fit individual preferences. That can be a daunting process for many, though, so that’s not always a good thing.

People who just want to take the tablet out of the box and use it without worrying about all the customization stuff will find that to be an advantage of the iPad over Android.

Android enthusiasts will argue that the locked down nature of iOS is a major flaw of the iPad. The inability to customize the UI on Apple’s tablet is a big limitation to these folks, and they’re right. But people who just want to take the tablet out of the box and use it without worrying about all the customization stuff will find that to be an advantage of the iPad over Android. Not everybody likes to play around with the tablet UI to get it just right.

Then there are the apps. Both the iPad and Android have lots of apps available to owners. Chances are if you are looking for a particular app it can be found on both platforms. That’s not always the case, however, as many app developers release an iPad version before they make one for Android. That makes the iPad the lower risk choice between the two platforms when it comes to app availability.

Having a lot of hands-on time with Android and iPads, it’s clear the better user experience (UX) is provided by the latter. The iPad works smoother, faster, and with fewer issues than most Android tablets. That’s not to say the Android UX is horrible, it’s just not quite as good. This could make the iPad the better choice for some who find that important.

There is a huge third-party accessory ecosystem for the iPad compared to that of Android tablets. Finding a good case or other accessory is virtually guaranteed with the iPad, which is not always true for Android tablets. That’s improving though, and depending on which Android tablet is chosen may not be an issue.

That last sentence points to another problem with Android tablets confronting shoppers. There are a lot of them out there so deciding which one is best can be a big task. The iPad selection on the other hand basically comes down to size.

Choosing a tablet can be a daunting task for many unfamiliar with the ins and outs of them. Android tablets and iPads are solid choices, and many buyers would be well served by any of them. Those unsure of what would best fit their needs will likely find the iPad to be less of a risk than any Android tablet. Over time some would find Android to be a better choice, but for the short term the iPad is often the way to go.

Those with a definite platform preference should go with that platform. That group is not addressed by this article because the decision is already clear. This is especially true for those needing or wanting Windows. If that’s the case then a Windows tablet is the obvious choice.

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  • invalid comparison

    "android" is not a tablet. The iPad is a tablet. you are comparing android to the ipad. please make the comparison to a specific android based tablet.
    However, as far as tablets go I would get the ipad if I had to own a tablet, simply because of app availablity. However, I have since abandoned tablets after owning various android based ones and an ipad. Its a device I don't need and just complicates my life. My smartphone does it all except at work where I need a full blown desktop PC.
    • Why did China state the opposite?

      Why does CVEDetails state the opposite.

      IOS has 359 vulnerabilites. (Search: CVE Details IOS)

      Android has 37 vunerabilities. (Search:CVE Details Android)

      Please. get real! IOS is intrinsically more insecure.
      • Now from a users stand point of view

        How easy is it to edit any document and use your tablet as a file system with Android.

        How much easier is it to use it with IOs.. of file system.. .does that exist? Yeah.. Itunes! ROFL.

        My sister (Using your logic) got my mom an Ipad Air... and it just sits there because she cant edit her documents. So I got her a Chromebook.... the Ipad just sits there... The Chromebook gets used.

        Only those that like hype follow IOs. When real work is required, anything else works.
        • Wrong question.

          How many people feel the need to edit stuff in a file system?
          • Tablets are great for content consumption but ...

            ... for those that need to create content, most tablets are pretty much useless without a keyboard and a pointing device.
            M Wagner
          • ipad users don't feel the need

            Because they cannot.
            Stay within blissful ignorance and you'll be ok with ipad.
        • One useless box for another

          So she had a useless tablet so you got her a useless laptop? Just get a Windows laptop and Office if you want something useful.
          Buster Friendly
          • So, if it's not windows

            It's useless?
            Gotcha, no need to ever comment again!
          • You've never used anything but Windows, have you?

            Because, if you had, you'd know that Chrome OS can, in fact, handle nearly all tasks that an average user would need to complete. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents can all be opened, edited, and created in Google Docs, etc.
            Web browsing can, of course be done in a normal Chrome window.
            If you need more, or want a tablet as well, get a Windows device or separate tablet, but that need also puts you outside of typical usage.

            That's why I got my ASUS Transformer Book t100; I wanted a tablet with features not offered in either iOS (which I find infuriating to use) or Android. I face some trade-offs, though. The entire "full" web isn't necessarily touch friendly and the touchpad is absolutely unusable for more serious tasks. So not even a Windows device is the perfect solution, even though it close enough for me.
          • Yes but, unless something has changed, ChromeOS is limited to ...

            Google Apps, which I have found to be particularly lacking.
            M Wagner
          • For what?

            Business use or home use?

            Oh, and you can use Google Apps, Office Online, Libre Office, Zoho suite and others on Chrome OS.
          • chromeOS is "limited" to the entire internet

            Is the internet not useful? Why do I need heavyweight windows to use the internet.
        • switched over

          My daughter who own iPhone 4S got Samsung TAB 3 for Xmas and after using it for six month decided to switch her phone to Samsung Galaxy 5 when her three years contract is due in Aug 2014. Her choice to switch is base on her experiance with very low end Android tablet, imagine what she will think if she had Nexus 7 2013 tablet.
      • Not Really

        Android's basic architecture is a vulnerability. The ability to side-load applications while allowing one application to have access to the memory of other applications is not a good thing.
        • @hforman huh?

          sideloading is allowed by design, its not an "architecture vulnerability" Its a checkbox. I need that option and will not use iOS because of it. I would need to jailbreak and then its really vulnerable, unlike android which stays secure.
          The only difference with iOS is they "hide the checkbox".

          Also, applications are sandboxed by design, not sure what you mean by sharing memory.
        • Freedom carries risk

          Anything with more freedom carries more risks. So by your reasoning, we should never drive our own cars and we should always take public transportation in order to avoid getting into a car wreck and getting hurt.
          • Agree freedom carries SOME aspect of risk...

            But it seems James has fallen down the rabbit hole of not properly assessing all risk. All he means to say is that his choice may decrease one's risk of not being as happy with the device.
            It has NOTHING to do with the more important risk of security compromise.... and therein lies the oversight that most Americans are guilty of - choosing personal convenience or pleasure over improved safety of identity and goods.
            I submit that the term "lower risk" in the summary can be very misleading. Shame, shame!
        • the basic architecture is called choice

          Vulnerability is YOUR choice, not the Vendor's.
          Don't confuse choice with safety.
      • Good find; Thanks for the citation!

        That's great. I think Apple needs to develop some new features into it's next iPad. Considering the success of the "Find My iPhone" and iCloud. It's feature is excellent and has ensured many users from being unable to resell their phone.

        Apple should make something similar for iPads. If Apple can limit iPad resale values with advanced features, it'd be great!

        Next time you upgrade your apple device, leave iCloud on. Then, after you sell your iphone, and have the person's money, login to iCloud online, and flag it as stolen. Likely, the iPhone will be returned to an Apple Store, where you can pick it up.

        Also, the Apple customer who thought they were getting a deal will be forced to purchase a new device. Also, Apple's stock will continue to go higher due to sales; and Tim Cook will be knighted in Ireland.
    • I get the articles point

      But the comparison of Ipad (device) vs Android (OS) just doesn't really work.
      Apple vs Samsung, yes.
      Apple vs LG, yes.
      Android is an OS, with multiple OEMs who all do things different.
      And probably 50% of users don't even know what Android or iOS even is.