iPad suffers dramatic post-Christmas web share fall: report

iPad suffers dramatic post-Christmas web share fall: report

Summary: The iPad's Web usage share took a battering during December as people unwrapped, and started to use Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Nexus tablets.


The iPad is undoubtedly the king of the tablets, the device that took a form factor that had been around for more than a decade and thrust it into the mainstream market. But even Apple isn't immune to the fickle buying habits -- and price sensitivity -- of the general public.

According to data released by Chitika Insights, the research arm of the Chitika Ad network, iPad Web usage fell dramatically in the U.S. and Canada following Christmas day. Sample data collected from hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet impressions between December 1 and December 27 2012 showed the iPad's Web usage share fell by a dramatic 7.1 percentage points after December 25, down to 78.9 percent from 86.0 percent.

What was bad for the iPad was good for the Kindle Fire, the Samsung Galaxy, and Google's Nexus tablets, with the tablets gaining 3.03, 1.38, and 0.92 percentage points respectively. It's not surprising that there were more Kindle Fire and Google Nexus tablets under the tree in December, given that both of these tablets are significantly cheaper than the iPad.

I'm certainly not surprised that the Kindle Fire did so well, because it is a solid, well-made, easy to use tablet. It's so good that sometimes it is hard to remember that it is not made by Apple.

Even Microsoft's Surface tablet saw a modest post-Christmas day bump in Web usage, up 0.17 percentage points.

While Christmas might not have been good for the iPad, it was good for Apple when it came to the iPhone 5, with the handset seeing a 1.11 percentage points rise, with the Samsung Galaxy S III not far behind with a Web usage share gain of 1 percentage points.

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The boost is down to tablets that were previously gift-wrapped and safe under the tree being opened come Christmas day and hooked up to the Web. However, according to Chitika, this honeymoon period with these new devices will be short-lived.

"However, despite the gains by competitors, we expect that the iPad’s share of tablet traffic will return to the 80% range, albeit lower than pre-holiday levels," explains the report, "as users return from vacation and browse with their new devices less frequently."

Back in early December, Chitika Insights predicted that "credible competition coming from users of Amazon, Samsung and Google tablets," would put pressure on the iPad, and that the "2012 holiday season will likely lead to an increased presence of Android tablets when it comes to Web browsing."

Image source: Chitika Insights.

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  • Solid Representation

    Is this data a solid representation of the overall mobile web usage across the board? If so, then it seems like a pretty dramatic shift away from the iPad.

    The new Windows Surface comes out at the end of this month and you can bet Amazon and Google are working on new Android-based tablets. I wonder what these figures will look like a year from now?
    • Or it could be ...

      ... other tables were much cheaper, so more were given as gifts. "It's not surprising that there were more Kindle Fire and Google Nexus tablets under the tree in December, given that both of these tablets are significantly cheaper than the iPad."

      So there would be more traffic on these devices for a while (updates, antivirus shopping, looking up iPad prices, gift return policies).

      • Keep on dreaming......

        I've an ipad 2, 3, asus transformer and still looked at the kindle fire. I'm waiting on my ipad mini from work and will hand back one of the bigger versions. The iPad is solid and bulletproof and thus great for grannies and folk that panic at the first sign of hi-tech but lets be serious.... there's plenty of kit at a far lower price point offering more for casual users. True you have more of a struggle if you're an avid itunes user and the pad makes more sense BUT if you want to plop in a movie or sd card of whatever media takes your fancy I'd go for another device. Each to their own strengths but folk that can't at least admit that others have a place in the world really are lowlife. Why can't you just let folk be happy and not slag them off?
        • Oh, Sure....

          Keep on arguing that the iPad is "great for...folk that panic at the first sign of hitech" It's not. Once you give them an Andorid, they can customize on their own and also can make it more user friendly for them. It's not that hard. It just takes some time for them to get used to it. In my opinion as an iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 owner and a Asus Transformer, both Samsung Galaxy Tabs 10.1 and 7, I have to say that the iPad is not really user friendly as they say. Although I have used the first iPad before any other tablets, it wasn't really userfirendly.
          • I hate

            customizing... What is the use to spend long hours.... Man.... not everything in life is about make the things uglier (most of the cases)

            I do not know...but I compare customizers with losers...
          • Pshhh...

            People who don't customize are not real. I won't compare you with losers. You're not that good.
          • The first four words

            of your second paragraph pretty much sums you up.
        • Re: grannies and folk that panic

          So which one are you?
          Arm A. Geddon
  • Statistics, statistics and damn lies...

    If you believe or rely on these type of figures then more fool you.
    • How Can You Say That?

      97% of the figures are accurate 76% of the time!
      • And...

        68.7 Percent of all statistics are made up on the spot...
        • It's a classic line and I'll bet it's truer than we even laugh about.

          Vic Reeves got that one spot on!
          • In real world...

            iPad got 59%, Android little bit over 40% before December 2013. But now we are coming to stage when Android Linux will take the lead.

            Statistics above are interesting because it shows how badly Surface has failed. Android got 40 times more new friends than overhyped Surface. Steve Ballmer will have a very difficult year of 2013. When will they sack him?
        • And....

          Last year, I heard it was 51.7 percent of all statistics were made up on the spot. Wow, that's an impressive 17 percent increase in one year's time, even more impressive than all the stats presented in this article!
    • Then we shouldn't trust figures from *any* company

      including Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

      Or were you just trying to imply that any non-Apple company *must* be lying?
      • Correct..

        My figures are the ones that suit my business case at the time. It's not lying; it's not untruths; it's using the stats in a way that supports your aim. We all do it.

        Look at those adverts 'up to 50% off' ... totally meaningless but true. Everything bar a few will have zippo off and a couple of things will be close to 50%, probably down from 50 cents to 25; no big deal but sounds good!
    • that is the point

      people are not productive ... they do nothing in their lives so they can spend hours doing nothing with a device except customizing.. very productive folks...
  • "took a form factor that had been around for more than a decade"

    Nothing remotely like the form factor of the iPad was around before the iPad. A 6lb laptop with a stylus is nothing like an iPad.
    • 2 lb?

      What about a two lb. tablet? That's about what my HP TC1000 weighed when detached from its keyboard dock.

      What distinguishes the iPad from my TC1000 was capacitive multi-touch input, microprocessors that were very powerful and battery efficient and a truly touch optimized OS. A confluence of factors. And don't take that the wrong way. I in no way mean to minimize Apple's truly revolutionary achievement with the iPhone and later the iPad. It's probably the most revolutionary development in personal computing since the Macintosh GUI.
    • 4:3 screen...

      When every movie is 16:9 No big deal given the effort in getting them onto it but a stat is a stat.