iPhone 5 front glass panel leaked

iPhone 5 front glass panel leaked

Summary: Leaked fron panel suggests that rumors of a 4-inch screen are true.


Parts supplier ETradeSupply has posted a video purporting to show the front glass panel of the much anticipated as of yet unannounced iPhone 5.

The screen area, measured diagonally, comes out at 4.065-inch, which seems to suggest that new new iPhone will indeed sport a 4-inch screen.

The new screen is 0.91 millimeters, about 0.1 millimeters thinner than the glass panel on the iPhone 4S. There are some other changes relating to the position of the receiver hole, camera hole and proximity sensor hole.

In a scratch test carried out by ETradeSupply, the new screen appears to be much more scratch resistant than the lens on the iPhone 4S. There is also evidence to suggest that the light transmittance of the new screen is much better than that of the existing screen.

Last month the same parts supplier posted a video which allegedly shows the metal chassis that Apple will use for the iPhone 5. This showed a number of interesting new features, including:

  • Unibody metal chassis, which to me looks and sounds like it might be made from Liquidmetal alloy;
  • Width appears unchanged;
  • Longer body, suggesting a 4-inch screen;
  • Substantially thinner design;
  • Smaller SIM tray;
  • Headphone jack moved to the bottom;
  • Smaller dock connector;
  • Larger speaker grill;
  • The on/off switch, volume control and mute switch seem to be similar to those found on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

If these are genuine parts -- bear in mind that I'm not making any assertions that it is although the evidence is compelling -- then Apple has just made it much harder to get at the battery on the forthcoming iPhone. Replacing that would require removing the screen just as it did with the earlier models, but the thinner screens used today -- along with copious amounts of adhesive -- mean that it's a lot easier to break the screen.

Image source: ETradeSupply.

Image Gallery: What is Liquidmetal used for?

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  • Iphones

    I for a while had an iphone 4s but wasn't pleased ... so traded it in with a loss for a lumia 900 and it's great :) They can keep their iphone5..
    • Hardware 2.0 blog = The Apple core blog?

      How unfortunate that such a mediocre person like Adrian is in charge of the blog Hardware 2.0. His limited mental capabilities make him write almost exclusively about Apple, whenever he is not writing bad things about Apple competitors.

      Hardware 2.0 or Apple 2.0?
      • mediocre

        I look forward to your insightful comments and blogs to replace Adrian's.
        When can we all expect to hear the pearls of wisdom from yourself?
        • Re read what I said

          I am not looking to silence this blogger asking him to stop writing about Apple.

          If you didn't understand that, then nothing I tell you will make any difference
          • i read it

            you personally attacked him because he wrote about apple. does that cover it? mediocre person, mentally limited? am i understanding it correctly?

            and this is because you say (emphasis on you) he writes mostly about apple and bashes its competitors.

            how am i doing so far? am i understanding it ok?

            now, can you show us some statistics on this? what percentage qualifies as "almost exclusively"? how are we going to quantify "bad things"?

            enlighten us.
          • Excuse me

            Yes, I gave a qualification of his blog posts and his skills. I do think he is mediocre in that respect. That does not mean he is mediocre in absolutely everything he does. Maybe he is/was an outstanding football player, or an excellent toilet seller.

            The part you don't understand because of your high IQ and brilliant intelligence (albeit poor reading comprehension skills) is that I do not say that because he is a great Apple shill. No, I don't have any problem with a person being a company shill.

            I did protest that this blog called Hardware 2.0 is mostly about positive things about Apple and mostly negative things about anything else. I doubt ZDNet had that intention when they created this blog with a name of "Hardware 2.0". It is really about new generation of hardware coming from different vendors and the different merits of each.

            For instance, is anyone surprised or critical that one of the biggest Apple fanboys on earth, Mr. David Morgenstern writes nothing but praise for Apple and nothing than scorn about other companies when in fact the blog he writes for is "THE APPLE CORE"?

            By the way, this is not about a blog name. It's about a particular blog purpose. The Hardware 2.0 is lackluster and mediocre because an Apple shill is the only one in charge of it and his limited brain capabilities make it very hard to write anything about other company that is in competition with Apple. For example, he declared MS Surface DOA because of the fake pricing of a Swedish website with no information whatsoever from MS about the final pricing of MS surface

            Oh wait, that's also brilliant for someone like you.

            Is that enlightening enough for you or are you going to start arguing about something I didn't say?
          • OK, OK

            Not 'declared' it DOA but strongly implied it was, all based on the most absurd of the evidences.
          • oh!

            he's mediocre in THAT respect! well, why didn't you say so!
            now, here's what you said, uh, in it's entirety:

            "How unfortunate that such a mediocre person like Adrian is in charge of the blog Hardware 2.0. His limited mental capabilities make him write almost exclusively about Apple, whenever he is not writing bad things about Apple competitors."

            you can now certainly go on and on and on about what you meant (and apparently you will) and question my iq and whatnot but you're just pulling it out of your, well, back side. you're now making it up just to make yourself not look so, well, very much like a total tool.

            still, you insist.

            "I did protest that this blog called Hardware 2.0 is mostly about positive things about Apple and mostly negative things about anything else."

            and again, we have some statistics for this i'm sure. no? something beyond you simply being able to type it out? anything? anything at all? no?

            and then, to top it off, why, you don't really mean what you said about him because you do it again! with exactly the same reasoning! and you give us absolutely no proof of your claims that he's a shill beyond, you know, typing it out! and based on that, he's mediocre and has limited brain capacity! because, uh, you say so!

            truly, yours is a dizzying intellect.

            excuse you? no. no, i don't think so.
          • ok, mediocre blogger

            if you are going to make so much problems because I said person instead of blogger, go ahead

            And statistics?? Why don't you see his latest posts (as of today):

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            Of his last 20 posts, Apple posts are half, the rest is a mix of MS and Android related, plus 1 about RIM which starts (unsurprisingly with) "Sorry for the pessimism, folks, but RIM's hopes that the addition of LTE will bring the PlayBook tablet back from the dead are about as farfetched as the Easter bunny winning the U.S. election this year."

            Unsurprisingly also, with regards to MS is mostly negative:

            2 posts about Valve moving to Linux. Hardware 2? Yeah, of course, Valve games ran on HW, duh!
            1 post about how screwed are OEMs because of Surface (he has written mostly negative about that device)
            1 post about Lenovo : "Given that Windows-powered tablets have existed for over a decade and they all failed to make even a modest impact on the market, Lenovo's enthusiasm may be a little misplaced."
            1 post that is a gallery of MS W8 HW. At least one where his mouth stayed closed

            I can go on but I hope you get the idea. And yeah, yeah, it's only his last "20 posts". You want me to go over the last how many? 100? 200? 3000? I read ZDNet even the bad blogs, and I have notice what I told you and I am not the only one (read comments on some of his posts)

            NO, I am not asking he writes positively about MS even if he doesn't think positively about it. Just to make room for more qualified persons to talk about Hardware 2.0 if he only sees Apple as his Nirvana.

            And who are you anyway? His boyfriend? i think he is mediocre and that's why he is unable to handle more than one company that pays his bills in a blog HW 2.0. Move on, and allow others do a better job. He can always be part of the "Apple Core"
          • you are amazing, dude!

            if i hate a guy so much, i surely won't have time to read like everything he writes in a column.
            you exemplify the teaching "love thy enemy."
  • longer body?

    If this is real would this iphone keep the same aspect ratio?
    • I hope it is something other than 4:3

      I want to see all the Apple fanbois who have been insisting that anything other than 4:3 is an epic fail on a smartphone tell us that suddenly, this new aspect ratio is the "perfect" aspect ratio.
      • But the current iPhone has a 3:2 ratio not 4:3.

        Are you confused with the iPad, which does have a 4:3 ratio?
  • Do Not Want

    I want a bigger screen than that, 4.75 seems about right (really any thing less than 5). I'll stick with Android.
    • How is the

      Malware infected Google Play Store working out for you? Not even legitimate apps like Opera are safe to download.
      • Yeah, that would never happen under apples' watch


        oh wait....
        • so

          there's virus' that attack your device in the google store (lots of them) and you equate that to one instance of an app that attacks windows's pc's?
          • Working Just Fine

            No viruses here. Just like I've never had a windows machine attacked by a virus, mainly by using common sense. BTW, my phone is rooted, running a custom ROM. Freedom, however, requires that you pay a little more attention to what you are doing.

            BTW, who runs Opera anyway.
        • PC only virus

          This link points to an article about a virus that only infects PC users lol.

          Did you even read the article?!

          This just proves that Microsoft will always leave their users vulnerable to attack.
      • Stuck on the inside, looking out

        How's Apple's walled garden working out for you? Still stuck with what Apple allows you to do? I quit that back when I had an iPhone 3g, and wasn't allowed to install a GPS application. At the time Tom-Tom, Garmin and various others were clamouring to put their software on iPhones.

        Now I have a phone that I actually own. Apple's walled garden may be pretty rosy, but the freedom outside of it is exhilarating!