iPhone 5 hardware-based rumor roundup

iPhone 5 hardware-based rumor roundup

Summary: If all the hardware leaks are real, then the iPhone 5 is Apple's worst-kept secret. But what do the alleged leaks tell us about Apple's highly anticipated -- but as yet unannounced -- smartphone?


There are no shortage of iPhone 5-related rumors making the rounds. But talk is cheap, so I tend to put more stock in rumors that are associated with actual, physical hardware.

In the gallery below I sift through the current hardware leaks and take a look at what the alleged iPhone 5 parts might tell us about Apple's forthcoming -- and highly anticipated -- iPhone 5.

Is there anything left for Apple to unveil?

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Components amounting to an entire iPhone 5 have leaked over the past few weeks. Also, there's what purports to be a complete, bootable iPhone 5 that's cone from the assembly factory in Jincheng, China.

Here's a visual tour of the leaked hardware. Click on the links below to jump to the appropriate spot in the image gallery for more details on the leaked hardware.

Chassis Sensor holes Connector cable Dock connector
Volume control/mute switch Front lens scratch test Full booting iPhone 5  
Front lens Dock connector plug Speaker, not NFC chip  
Front lens measurements SIM card tray for nano SIM Redesigned earphones  

I suspect that when Apple chief executive Tim Cook stands on stage September 12 and unveils the next iPhone, we're going to be hit with a very strong sense of déjà vu.

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  • The leaks suggest

    that the iPhone hardware is being upgraded to what other high end phones were using in the middle of 2011 (and have since moved beyond).

    Again, that is just based on the rumors and leaks. Maybe the iphone5 has something amazing that will warrant the hype.
    • Faster is always better

      The current iPhone works great for me, better than the android equipment I've tried.
      I would like the faster network speed of the new phone, but i'm already pushing my data plan every month as it is.
      Encrypted full Exchange Active synching (server folders, calendars, etc.) over custom SSL ports is something Android, and Windows phones never got right and they've worked great on the iPhone since the first one I got years ago. There are other reasons the iPhone was better for me and my time.
      Really, when you look at why they're adding it to, a bigger screen, faster network and processor and more memory is fine with me.
      • You are pointing out 1 software feature

        The question was what do the hardware rumors/leaks tell us about the next version of the iPhone. It tells us that the hardware is going to remain at least 1 years behind other high end phones.

        Even the iPhone4S was outdated before it released. Small screen, no 4g, etc.

        Apple used to blaze the trail that everyone else followed. We will find out in a few days if Apple takes the lead again or the are resigned to continue to stay in the rear.
        • Sorry, this fallacy

          "Apple used to blaze the trail that everyone else followed."

          Keeps resurfacing even with people who are not particularly Apple fans. Its almost becoming the tech version of "politically correct" to ascribe features to Apple which do not exist, so as to placate the rabid fanboys.

          The original mk1 iPhone did not exceed the specification of Windows Mobile phones I had used prior to 2007, including, but not limited to display size/resolution, camera spec, cpu, memory and gpu. It also lacked a substantial number of OS and software features, that were previously considered essential, such as multi tasking + task switching, a file explorer and physical input and/or quick access to regular features such as recording, note taking, media, internet, camera and so on. I am still using a Windows Mobile device, because new phone OSes are so retrograde. I can do things much quicker than can be done on even the newest phones. For example, if I want Speakerphone all I have to do is hold down my call button. If I want to switch to my browser while I am talking on my speakerphone all I have to do is press my task switch button and to return to my phone I merely need to repress my call button at any time. I was showing people true 3d games on my HTC phone as early as 2002, which just amazed anyone who used a regular phone.

          Technology has eventually caught up somewhat and moved on, but it is DESPITE Apples interference, not thanks to. Companies like Nokia, who deployed cameras with 8 megapixel sensors almost 5 years ago were stopped dead in their tracks by the mob-consumer.

          This is not revisionist - this is what actually happened.
  • Forgot about this weeks' article?

    Surely this article could have been replaced with a link to macrumors.com? I'm all for 'what would you like to see?' 'top secret leaks' and chitter chatter about alphas, betas and RC's but... Um this is all just gossip still?

    Of course the iPhone launch is exciting, as was the announcements from Nokia and Moto, but c'mon... There's nothing new or substatiated yet.

    Of course it's all been covered pretty well on here, but couldn't you find any kinds of products being unveiled over the last couple of days to meet the last minute deadline?

    Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to the iPhone launch... I just prefer to put more stock in rumors that are associated with actual, physical hardware confirmed by the company that made it.
  • You open with a bang AKH

    "There are no shortage of iPhone 5-related rumors making the rounds."

    Yup, Apple's strategy of "leak early and leak often" is simply the way they've decided to do their pre-announcement. The only thing we don't know right now is pricing and availability. We've had to wait for months since Apple first started pre-announcing for that information. Oh, and iPhone sales have tanked ever since Apple started pre-announcing the next iPhone.

    In the end, there is absolutely no appreciable difference between Apple's "leak early and leak often" approach and Nokia's "pre-announce a couple months before availability" approach. In neither case can we order these devices until the day they are released which is months after the company behind the product starts pre-announcing it.
    • He Can't Help Himself

      As one of the many paid WP8 blogger's (along with LoverRock, Vegas and the others), he has access to knowledge that no one else does. The saying "You just can't make this stuff up!" does not apply to toddy since he must, at every opportunity, spew distortions to get a paycheck.

      I just can't understand why he praises Jobs with the virility horns . . .
      • You're not special either.

        So just shut up.
  • Android-Killer? Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Looks like Apple’s much-ballyhooed Android-killer will turn out to be a bit of a fizzler.
  • Deja Vu?

    You must be talking about their ancient UI. Now if they changed that, there'd be some real news.
  • iPhone 5

    If this is really it, it will be a sort of iPhone 4S S. Even more of the same. Let's hope for iOS 6 to keep the hype hot, otherwise Apple might see a shrinking fan base for their top-selling product.
    • I just don't see that happening

      Hipsters are appearing faster than we can kill them.
  • The iPhone 5 will rock!

    The new iPhone 5 is going to be fantastic! I just saw an awesome video on it here: http://tinyurl.com/cr2apxd
  • lol

    I read "dork connector" and somehow it seems appropriate.
    Scarface Claw
  • Battery

    I just can't see the new iPhone having LTE. With a larger screen, and the battery being only 10mAh more than the current device, they Must know this is going to be another batterygate in the making, except it's hardware based instead of software based. There's just no way this thing will get over 3 or 4 hours run time on LTE. That would be a disaster for Apple because the rumors of battery problems would get out way too fast. This is just a thought, or opinion as to the LTE rumor. I guess we will see though.