iPhone 5: Rumor roundup

iPhone 5: Rumor roundup

Summary: There are no shortage of iPhone 5 related rumors making the rounds. But talk is cheap, so I tend to put more stock in rumors that are associated with hardware. Here I sift through the current hardware leaks and take a look at what the alleged hardware parts might tell us about Apple's forthcoming iPhone.


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  • Photos have turned up claiming to show Apple's revamped iPhone 5 dock connector plug, showing 8 electrical contacts on each site of the plug.

    The images were posted on the French website Nowherelse.fr, but no details have been offered as to the origin of the photos.

    Image source: Nowherelse.fr.

  • Repair site iResQ posted photos of an assembled iPhone 5 next to an iPhone 4S which showed just how much Apple seems to have managed to shave off the thickness of the new iPhone. The difference is essentially the same as removing the glass backplate from the iPhone 4S.

    Image source: iResQ.

  • There have also been a number of rumors pointing to the fact that the iPhone 5 will feature a new, smaller SIM card called the nano SIM or 4FF. The new SIM card tray seems to confirm that the SIM card format has been changed.

    Image source: Nowhereelse.fr.

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  • Either It Will Have A Large Screen Or It Won't

    Either it will have a screen to match the top-of-the-line Android phones (1280*720), or it won't. If it does, then look for application incompatibilities: either extra empty borders, or scaled up displays that end up either pixelated or blurry.

    If it doesn't, then it won't be a top-end phone.
    • too late to be top-of-the-line...

      HTC will be releasing a phone with a 1080p HD display around the time iPhone 5 is released so 720p will be second-tier when iPhone 5 comes out.
    • Either It Will Have A Large Screen Or It Won't

      that pretty much sums it up
  • so

    that's what makes a "top end" phone. size does matter.
  • Yawn

    More hollow iHype.
    Tim Acheson
    • ZZZzzz....

      More baseless, misinformed bilious tripe from a troll who has made it clear he has no clue what he is talking about (and yes, that includes your brain dead, useless blog you spam-post links to all the time).
  • Hype will not help Apple in the long run

    The entire iProduct line will no doubt have a continued following but hyping technology that is developed by and already in the competitions products is a losing cause for the marketing firm in Cupertino.
    They will continue to compete at the legal level because they don't have their own technology to compete at the silicon level.
    • Since Apple doesn't need hype....

      your point is, well, pointless. Yet another in your long line of misinformed, idiotic posts. You are free to have your opinions, you are not free to your own facts, nor are you free to peddle them unchallenged.
      1) This gallery is about leaked pictures, What part of this has ANYTHING to do with Apple hyping their products?!?
      2) Being that this entire gallery was leaked photos of the case, what technology are you claiming is "already in the competitions[sic] products"? In fact, what "technology" is even under discussion? You are a troll, pure and simple.
      3) While companies like LG and HTC use basically stock CPUs, Apple designs their own in-house. They also design much of the support silicon, and the screen technology.

      I certainly hope that the companies you are placing in the role of the "competition" are not Android manufacturers. The irony would be that much more amusing, seeing as that entire platform was stolen by moles on the Apple board.

      So, you were saying, troll?
      • nope!

        It seems that Apple pretty much only designs the casing of iPhones. Google"what companies supply the components of iPhones?" Texas Instruments/Samsung designs their processor, and flash memory chips. Samsung/LG designs their 'retina display'...Lol, iPhones are the smartphone-equivalent of Frankenstein!
        • Wow, just wow

          Kudos on doing half a second of research. Might I suggest lengthening that to a full second?
          The processor is designed in-house by the design team from P.A. Semi, and is only fabbed by other companies. The CPU is NOT designed by TI, and CERTAINLY not Samsung. You have no idea what you are talking about.
          Who cares about commodity items like flash chips. They also don't design the SMC resistors, either. Nor did they invent glass. Tim Cook does not smelt aluminum alloys in his office. So what?
          Samsung/LG did NOT design the Retina Display. They simply build it to spec. Please name a SINGLE other product that includes the display technology (something you'd expect if Samsung were free to sell to all comers). Good luck with that.
          You, quite simply, have no clue what you are talking about.
      • This says otherwise


        It appears they go outside on things, they just don't tell anyone they do
        William Farrel
        • Um, what?!?

          Usually, people post citations to bolster a point. To do this, the citation must, per se, have something to do with the topic at hand. Yours, well, does not.
          Not a thing in that post has ANYTHING to do with what is being discussed.
  • Gasp!

    It looks like the IPhone5 will hav e a screen that's the same size as my HTC...from over 2 years ago.

    Now that's Apple innovation. LOL
    • Straw man much?

      Who claimed it was an innovation?
      • Innovations?

        So what are they?
  • apple will fail ultimately

    Apple prodults are for the kids not for men
    • Real men...

      have sex with other men. What's your point??
  • apple will fail ultimately

    Apple prodults are for the kids not for men
    • Just like your shift key, apparently

      Since iOS penetration into the enterprise is an order of magnitude greater than both Android and Windows Phone combined, one wonders what actual facts you have on which to base this rather dimwitted assertion.
  • Yawn