iPhone 5 Web traffic overtakes Samsung's Galaxy S III in three weeks

iPhone 5 Web traffic overtakes Samsung's Galaxy S III in three weeks

Summary: The Galaxy S III might be Samsung's fastest-selling Android smartphone, but despite being on sale for almost four months, it has seen its Web traffic volume beaten by Apple's iPhone 5 after less than three weeks.


Samsung's Galaxy S III, which has been on sale for almost four months, has seen its Web traffic volume beaten by Apple's iPhone 5 after only 18 days.

Research arm Chitika Insights examined millions of mobile ad impressions from its ad network for the seven days between October 3 and October 9, and found that the Web traffic volume for the newly released iPhone 5 has already overtaken that of the Galaxy S III.

It's important to note that we cannot extrapolate handset numbers from Web traffic volume. It may be that iPhone 5 handsets now outnumber Galaxy S III handsets, or it may be that people browse more on their iPhones, perhaps because the new handset supports high-speed 4G LTE.

However, the new should cause some sleepless nights over at Samsung HQ.

"This latest shift in the mobile ecosystem is not welcome news for Samsung," writes the firm, "which has positioned its device as a direct competitor to the iPhone 5".

It's not surprising that there are high levels of iPhone 5 Web traffic. Apple sold 5 million handsets over the first three days of the launch weekend, and would have likely sold more if it was not for display shortages putting a kink in the all important supply chain.

Image source: Chitika Insights.

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  • Don't Iphone Users Like Their Apps?

    Seems like Android users make more use of native apps than Web apps, while with the Iphone it's the other way round. After all, there's no way to explain the discrepancy purely by relative numbers of devices.

    But Iphone users are paying more for their apps than Android users. Why are they doing so, if they're not using them as much?

    The phrase "more money than sense" does come to mind...
    • Different users

      Generally users of Apple products shop more on the net than Android users. Perhaps the surfing experience is more polished in mobile Safari than the alternatives on Android. Also people buy Android phones to basically use as a feature phones.
      • Android phones are much more flexible

        You don't have to do everything via the web the way you do on Apple. On Android you more non-web interface options to do stuff.

        Also, the lack of a Google Map app is forcing iUsers to use the web interface instead.
    • I can think of several reasons

      Several reasons come to mind:
      - iPhones are bought by more productive people. Hold the flaming for a sec, it is my experience that most executives and professionals use iPhones while Android is more popular with the young people.

      - iPhone users for the reason above have more disposable cash and buy over their cell phones more (Apps, servers, ect....).

      - iPhone's have a superior and more mature integration with cloud base services then Android. A side effect of this is more traffic.

      - Occam’s razor: The Simplest Answer is Usually Correct. The simplest answer here is that the iPhone is a better users experience and people just use it more.

      For the record I am a Android user but am planning to move to the iPhone. I feel it is a better user experience.
      • Vote wouldn't work

        You nailed friend. Android is about features, while iOS is about simplicity and productivity. The browsing experience proves that people use the "one handed wonder" to do more than just show off its features. Apple is smart to leave copycats to ramp up on features and bigger screens and multiple configurations, because ultimately people want to pick up the device and make good use of it. Maps will be a challenge but Apple will spend big bucks to get there and are wise to take that productive edge back from Google.
        • Why one handed?

          I never want to type on my phone 1 handed, unless I am replying with a one-liner. I definitely don't want to compose a long email on my phone (even with 2 hands its slower than typing on a keyboard....but voice dictation is always and option). I would agree that the Apple is a great productivity tool for the lay person, but for maximum productivity a person with knowledge would use an Android.
          Michael Danko
          • Exactly.

            One handed use has been fading since 2010 because phones have bigger screens due to the multiple functions they can now performs with their mobile devices.

            Smartphone has become a misnomer. These devices are so much more today.
      • err

        Off Android outed for young people, then why are all the governments and world militias using it, while ios is merely stuck at commercial level, for fun and next to no productivity? Why did Russia choose android? Why did the US Military choose android? Why does Obama still carry a blackberry? Cuz iPhones are toys, not gadgets. That's why you will never see them used by world figures,. These are the studies that also say that iphone is for old people or young children, while the current generation does android. And it's true, I see no informed individual in the world carrying an iphone unless they are toddlers or elderly,.
        • lol

          If Android is for * pardon my Engrish.
        • you are a toy

          my friend you know nothing...!!

          Get out of here...!!
        • LOL .... you are tool ....

          Yeah ... "the world's militias" are using the devices they are warning about ....

      • more reasons

        - lack of available storage on iPhone requires repeated loading and unloading of content that simply gets stored on the SD card in the Galaxy SIII

        - iPhone bug that was (is?) chewing up airtime while users thought they were connected to WiFi, resulting in overages and huge bills

        - less effective searches mean Galaxy users already found what they were looking for, while iPhone users are still looking and burning through more airtime

        - iPhone users are searching the web for landmarks to try and find their way, Galaxy users have a usable GPS app

        - Occam’s razor: The Simplest Answer is Usually Correct. The simplest answer here is that the Galaxy SIII is a better users experience and people just use it more efficiently, cutting down on the amount of web traffic required to accomplish the same amount of work.

        - iPhones are toys, and kids like to play with toys. How much Facebook and Twitter can an employed adult actually manage to post?
        • the more people talk

          about the samsung the happier I am....

          I mean

          I am happy that those people do not have iPhone.... they feel envious... the feel frustrated.... they have been talking so much about the iPhone... that they cannot contradict themselves buying one....

          And they have to see at us... with our elegant iPhones.... and the envy comes back.... ahhh... their tongue is their punishment

          Thanks Lord for iPhone....!!!!!!!!


          The Promised Land....!!!!!!!!
      • Occam

        How about using Occam's razer correctly. Occam states that the theory making the fewest assumptions is usually correct. However, maybe its just the fact that the 5 is new and people are using it a bunch. The new toy gets used the most.
      • Bravo......!!!

        The first person knowing something....!!!!! A very smart person....!!!!

    • Clearly you do

      not know know what you are talking but... can you delete your post please?

  • The Ad needs to be delivered

    It could be that S3 users don't bother with ads....they use adblocking software so the ads are never delivered! It is much easier to root an S3 than it is to jailbreak an iphone.
    • Yep!

      My S3 was rooted with Adfree installed within 20 minutes of opening the box!
      Salty Dog
    • So what percentage actually root?

      My guess is, it's not enough to have any statistical significance.
  • More then expected.

    More then expected.
    There is one key factor that completely breaks the purpose of this chart.
    If there was ONE Android phone then comparing the iPhone 5 with the latest Android phone would make sense.
    Instead what we have is a 1 to many relation. People buying the latest Android phones can go the Galaxy S 3 route, or the HTC One X route, or the LG Optimus G route...
    You know what I mean. Apple has litteraly no competition in their own iOS. They don't have multiple new iPhones with different specs.
    They have ONE device. And all those that choose iOS over Android have that ONE choice.
    There are pros and cons but that is another story. In the end of the day the result is one device that breaks records because that is the one and only new device people can buy on that ecosystem.
    If you want a fairer comparision would be to compare the web traffic volume of all iOS devices vs Android devices.
    Last year I read an article that showed that iOS had more than 60% of all the mobile web traffic. I haven't found data for this year.