iPhone 5c, 5s coming to UK, France and Germany: Pricing and availability revealed

iPhone 5c, 5s coming to UK, France and Germany: Pricing and availability revealed

Summary: UK consumers will get a slightly better deal than their continental counterparts when the two Apple devices go on sale next week.


While the just-announced iPhone 5c may have been touted as the cheapest Apple mobile yet, it's certainly not light on the wallet.

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iPhone and innovation: Is hardware the only place Apple can go to keep up the buzz?

Speculation about the next iteration of the iPhone has already begun - but how many times can Apple reinvent its classic handset?

But who in Europe gets the best deal when it comes to buy the handset outright?

In the UK — one of only three countries in Europe that will get the 5c at launch — Apple's suggested retail price for the 16GB model is £469, and £549 for the 32GB version.

The 5c is priced the same in both France and Germany: the 16GB model is will cost €599 without contract, while the 32GB is priced at €699 — around €40 more than the UK for both the 16GB and 32GB handsets.

When it comes to the more upmarket 5s, also unveiled by Apple on Tuesday, it's a similar story: UK buyers will shell out £549 for a 16GB device, and £629 for the 32GB equivalent, while France and Germany will pay €40-ish more for the privilege of getting the smartphone, at €699 and €799 respectively.

In the UK, Three, O2, Vodafone, and EE have all confirmed they will carry the handsets, although none of the operators has yet disclosed how much the two Apple devices will be available for with a contract.

In France, mobile carriers Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Telecom will all sell the device, while in Germany, T-Mobile, and Vodafone will stock it.

The two devices will become available in the UK, France, and Germany on 20 September, with several operators opening up pre-orders for the 5c this Friday. No operators have yet mentioned if they'll be taking orders for the 5s on the same date, however.

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  • For comparision

    Galaxy S4 16GB is 499 Euro. HTC One 32 GB is 529 Euro.
  • here is the problem!

    The 5c was supposed to help them compete in the developing world and the pricing is a failure for this phone. As somebody else out it, Red Rice sells a higher end 1080P phone with quad core CPU and a 4.7" screen for considerably less than the 5c in China.

    If Apple's goal was to win back market share then, they've failed miserably.
  • Why do they continuously ignore their customer base?

    Please tell me what does an iPhone have over top end android devices that commands such a premium pricing structure?
    Carl White
    • Re: Please tell me what does an iPhone have over top end android devices

      Apple quality? "magic"? Or iOS?

      Whatever it has, the iPhone has loyal customers, unlike any Android device.

      Which is not to say, that if anyone else gets gold of that Apple "magic substance" they can do any better.
      • Magic? Nah....Steve Jobs is no longer there to steer clear of the rocks....

        I tried an iPhone 5 for 4 months, then decided to sell it and go back to my S3, to be honest, I prefer the bigger screen, that is really it in a nutshell.

        IOS is really simple, perhaps too simple, and not enough user tailoring options available.

        So I don't actually see the real attraction except the 'I have an Apple iPhone' mantra.... there is only so long Apple can sail on the same ship that departed 8 years ago....what have the really changed since then that's revolutionary? My personal view is that others have not only caught up but surpassed the iPhone technically.

        64-bit really? on a phone? I think thats more...."We can, so we have".... but ARM licensed 64-bit cores a while ago....
        Carl White
      • danbi, on this we agree

        Yes, loyalty is what apple has. Loyalty means that you will continue purchasing apple products even though they are the worst product out there. Loyalty is good for apple, terrible for the consumer who decides to be loyal to a gigantic uncaring disloyal corporation.

        So I agree danbi, there are a lot of loyal apple customers. That you are proud of the fact that all these people are buying substandard products due to their loyalty is quite sad.

        I'm not loyal which is why I happily switches to the Nokia Lumia 920 from the iphone 4 when it became clear that apple had stagnated and simply couldn't offer me the quality I demand.

        I'm also informed but most people aren't which is another thing that causes consumers to buy inferior products from apple.
      • Not true ...

        I've know several Samsung Galaxy 2 owners to go from to the Galaxy 3 and then 4. When my contract expires in a few months, I'll shop around to see what's available then. I may stay with HTC and get the One, though I may try out the Galaxy S4. My brother has switched from iPhone to the Galaxy S3. It's not always static and one direction though, I know of a couple of people that switched from an HTC phone to iPhones, and one that switched from an HTC to a Galaxy S2. Out of people in my social circle with WP7 devices, one with a bottom end phone bought an iPhone 5, while the other with a top end contract switched to a WP8 phone, with which he's very happy.

        No magic needed, we're all different with different needs and preferences.
  • It's not about the phone

    It's the ecosystem. I've owned Android and WP8 devices, but what keeps me loyal to Apple is my iPad, which is more heavily used than my iP5 and is my business tool and constant companion. Having total hardware and software consistency between the two devices is more important than style or price. Actually all I crave is a lighter tablet, which many say is on the way.