iPhone 5C: First look at Apple's low-cost budget smartphone (images)

iPhone 5C: First look at Apple's low-cost budget smartphone (images)

Summary: The low-cost budget iPhone 5C retains the curves reminiscent of an older model, yet remains sleek and refined. Here's the first few snapshots of the highly-anticipated device.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • The background wallpaper matches the color of the case.

    Image: Apple

  • You can see the rounded corners of the iPhone 5C, reminiscent of the older iPhone 3GS.

    Image: Apple

  • Cases can be snapped on and taken off at will.

    Image: Apple

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • $549 does not sound like a budget phone to me

    It may cost less for Apple to make, but the unsubsidized price is hardly cheap. Unless there is additional discounting in China and Europe, I don't see it having too great an impact in foreign markets.
    • Cheap.

      I just checked prices in Europe. 32GB version of the 5C for 899 CHF. That's 959 USD.
      It's also available for 699 EUR, i.e. 926 USD.

      Galaxy S4 16 GB is 566 CHF. I'm comparing the 16GB version because it's got an SD slot.
      Lumia 520 is 176 CHF.

      All prices without contract or SIM lock.
      • What Apple...

        calls cheap and what the rest of the market calls cheap are worlds apart.

        "Budget" smartphones cost less unlocked than the 5C does on contract... :-S
  • Just saw the Nokia response, and it is perfect


    Oh Nokia, that was just so good. And so true. Wonderful.

    Ouch to apple, what a burn.

    Maybe if apple actually innovated something they wouldn't be the laughing stock of the tech industry?
    • Did not look

      What ever you linked to, as did many others.

      • Actually, that was worth a look, for this one comment:

        "The nice thing about Windows is, it doesn’t just crash, it displays a dialog box and lets you press “OK” first."
    • Nokia is irrelevant

      Samsung's response would be more interesting, since that's the actual competition.
      • Nokia is SO irrelevant

        How irrelevant are they?

        They're so irrelevant that Apple announced a whole line of iPhones that look just like Nokia's Lumia line.
        Jason Barkley
  • Colour looks nice though

    Other than that, well, same old same old.
    • what's the point?

      Every iPhone user I know puts a condom over their phone.
    • Silliness

      What does this mean: Apple says iOS 7 was "designed with the colors of iPhone 5C in mind."

      Then there's this: It also comes with iOS 7, which will be released on September 18 for free. Really, "for free".

      The phone must not be much other than colorful.
  • Apple haters working hard in here today

    Keeping the ZDNet forums amusing to read!

    As Yoda would say: "Make this stuff up, you just can't"
    • agreed

      The funny thing is the troll complained when Apple fanboy post unrelated article in MS piece now he's doing the samething . Too funny only MS trolls can make this stuff up ;-)
      • So funny

    • The originator of that phrase was actually TB3

      Master Yoda just copied it. But right on the money though comments here keeps me well entertained. ;-)
  • Budget?

    At $599 CDN for this phone, you have a strange definition of "budget".
    • It is a budget phone for emerging countries

      It is within the budget of a warlord in an emerging country.
      • Lol

        Lol, credit where it's due: that was funny.
      • points for that

        Pretty funny :)