iPhone 5c pre-orders to begin at 12:01am PT

iPhone 5c pre-orders to begin at 12:01am PT

Summary: If you've been dying to get your hands on one of Apple's colorful new iPhones, be near a web browser when the clock strikes midnight (PT) tonight.

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Update: The iPhone 5c is now available for pre-order.

During its announcement Tuesday, Apple promised to begin taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 5c on September 13, and sure enough, the floodgates are getting ready to swing open at 12:01am PT (3:01am ET). 

The "How To Buy" link on the iPhone 5c product page currently points to a placeholder on the Apple online store at http://store.apple.com/us/iphone that's currently occupied by a "We'll be back" placeholder that animates in the nine languages of the initial launch countries. (According to Apple the phones will be available in over 100 countries by December).

Apple's iconic "We'll be back" note at it's online store - Jason O'Grady

While Apple didn't provide a precise launch time for iPhone 5c pre-orders, a cue can be taken from its U.S. carrier partners AT&TVerizon and Sprint who are all promoting pre-orders beginning at midnight Pacific Time on Friday morning.

AT&T's iPhone page is currently re-directing to a colorful countdown timer (copy: "This is the right place, you're just a little early"), confirming a midnight PT launch:

AT&T's teaser for the iPhone 5c notes that "This is the right place, you're just a little early" - Jason O'Grady

While the new 5c is mostly a re-branded iPhone 5 hardware-wise, the new design, bright colors and iOS 7 are expected to make the new entry-level iPhone a commercial success. I'm staying up to pre-order a white 32GB iPhone 5c (on AT&T) for my wife, who's due for an upgrade to a tired iPhone 4 that's been dropped in the pool one too many times. I'll probably order her 5c directly from Apple (as opposed to AT&T) but that's what tabs are for.

One minor nit about the iPhone 5c colors. I typically buy my wife the white iPhone, while I go with black (it makes it easy to tell them apart on the kitchen counter), but the iPhone 5c – regardless of what color plastic you choose – has a black bezel on the front. I know that it's nit picky but the black front bezel definitely looks strange with the white rear. Apple should have gone with white fronts on the iPhone 5c to make the colors pop a little more, but I digress...

All iPhone 5c models are black in front, which looks a little off in my book - Jason O'Grady

As for me, I'm sticking it out another week for the iPhone 5s (which goes on sale on September 20) so that I can tinker with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and take tons of kid pictures with the new camera. I personally don't plan to play much Infinity Blade III, so the 64-bit architecture and A7 processor may be overkill, but I could definitely see the M7 coprocessor replacing all those rubbish plastic bands I used to wear on my wrist. (Those things are awful.)

The iPhone 5c will be available for pre-order in 5 colors for $99 (16GB) and $199 (32GB) with a two-year agreement in the U.S. You can check your upgrade eligibility at your carrier's website by logging into your account. An unlocked, contract free iPhone 5c will be available through T-Mobile for $549 (16GB) and $649 (32GB). Matching swiss-cheese cases will be offered in six colors for $29 each, further complicating the decision-making process.

So, are you pre-ordering an iPhone 5c? What color, configuration and carrier? Why aren't you spending the extra $100 on the iPhone 5s?

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobility

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  • don

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  • Bit of a failure

    Not sure how anyone could spend so much on what is essentially a year old phone, you could get the HTC One for the same price which is much better - http://versus.com/en/apple-iphone-5c-vs-htc-one

    No doubt this will still sell millions though..
    • Because it's about the ecosystem.

      While the HTC One is better on paper, guess which phone is going to still have great sales numbers in 11 months?

      Hint - it's not going to be the current crop of $100-$200 Android phones that took on the iPhone 5 over the last few months.
  • Proofreading

    "...should have went..." Really?
  • American Education

    "Apple should have WENT?" I want to be a writer ... Or give me a similar job with no accountability.
  • Why get a 5c when you can get the same phone for cheaper in a iphone 5?

    The 5c costs the same as the 5 did when it came out and instead of having a sturdier metal case, you now have plastic. I have the itouch 5, (not the phone) and I love the thing, but the fact that Apple has the audacity to charge you top dollar for tech that's a year old and encased in a weaker case is horrendous. I'm also told the 5S is supposed to be ridiculously overpriced. Why buy the new tech? I'm not an Apple hater, but I despise greediness. I've come to begrudgingly accept that Apple products are overpriced, but what they're doing for their new line of phones is price gouging. The only way they'll learn is if this generation of phones tanks and they lower the prices.
    • Teaching Apple a lesson

      Unfortunately, a significant number of Apple fans are mindless drones who must have the latest model regardless of cost or features. These are the same morons who would wait in line for days at the Apple store , no matter the weather. Nope, waiting a few weeks is too much, even though logic says that it's a good period for Apple to work out any kinks. I had to laugh when Apple pissed off those morons in 2007 by lowering the iPhone's price just two months after its release. Haha. And of course, the press is culpable by providing Apple free advertising disguised as news. Sadly, all of this is enough to encourage Apple to continue overpricing, often choosing form over function. I mean, do we really need magnesium casing? There's a reason why Macs have never broken above 10% of the PC market and Android phones are outselling iPhones. Price. Luckily, the Chinese are much more pragmatic and may finally teach Apple a lesson in international business.
  • Just got a new phone...

    Gave my old HTC Inspire to my daughter and got myself a Nexus 4 16GB for $250 off contract. Don't really need LTE as I don't live in the city anyway and it will be awhile before it makes it out here. I pay $45 a month for pay as you go.

    For $250 I am getting an awesome phone build with quality parts, great screen, super fast, and will always have the latest stock Android without the crap.

    My point is that smartphones have gotten to the point that you really should not be paying these absurd amounts of money for them. Other than longer battery, more memory, viewable in direct, sunlight, maybe more durable, there is not much more most people need in these devices.

    There is a need for a new disruption in technology.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • iPhone 5c isn't worth it!

    Don't do it. Sucker you in with pre-order, then you'll wish you didn't.
  • Not worth the hype

    I just purchased the HTC One, after waiting months for Verizon to carry it. Also did this on line as they gave me $50. off and then added a $30 fee for a new activation and then taxes and I was back to almost the same price again! As for the Apple product, I was thinking about it as I own an older Touch and the first Ipad which I really like, but the HTC One is just one sweet do it all phone that is far ahead of Apple products and for the next two years, will get me where I want to go (and do). Sorry pre-order folks you have been duped by a poorly rehashed device.
    • Apple will definitely make some sales though

      Even if this one's not worth the money for people on this comment board, I'm sure Apple will make huge revenue off this. I won't be pre-ordering one either, but it's still interesting to see how Apple builds its buzz.
  • let the

    stampede by the iSheep for the Ifail begin

    an extremely mediocre product gets saturation coverage by the worlds tech journalists and sells million

    why even bother making a decent product when they can sell this out dated rubbish by the truck load?
    • Umad bro?

      U hatin?

      Sorry that Apple managed to build the most successful phone (by profit) in the marketplace with the most successful ecosystem to back it up.
      • Followers!

        Same people that'll follow the anti-christ. Notice the bite from the apple?

    I have an iPhone 5 (black) with a swivel holster case, and i'm very pleased with it. Now, if Apple decides to sell their iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, well.....I might look into that, but what they have to offer right now, not interested. If Apple wants to make a good phone, they should get feedback from their loyal customers via email, with multiple choice questions about what their customers want from their iPhones. If the sales of these new iPhone 5c and 5s is big, I would be shocked.
    Sly Edwards
  • Fell off the Apple Tree in the middle of the night.

    Midnight PT = 3AM ET. Is this a deliberate snub? Jeez, I'm soooo glad that I'm not one of those losers who has to go right out and get the latest thing that falls off the Apple tree right away (or ever, for that matter).
    rocket ride
  • No one