iPhone 5s and 5c: Will they blend?

iPhone 5s and 5c: Will they blend?

Summary: Watch thousands of dollars worth of iPhones turned to dust because ... well ... just because, that's why.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPhone

I'm not sure what the attraction is with taking expensive gadgets and destroying them, but there's something undeniably hypnotic about seeing a device that some people felt was worth lining up for hours and parting with hundreds of dollars to own being turned into toxic dust by a blender.

The folks who make the Blendtec range of high-performance blenders took a handful of iPhone 5c handsets and a gold iPhone 5s (yes, the very same that are as rare as hen's teeth at Apple Stores all around the world) and, well, blended them.

How does it turn out for the handsets? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but I'm certain that Apple will take any of them back under warranty. And the dust left over from the blending of the iPhone 5s does look quite pretty.

For Apple fans, it's time cover your eyes. For Android fans, well, you might want to grab some popcorn.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPhone

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  • Gold grill

    The gold grill was a great touch.
  • We all know...

    blendin' ain't easy.
  • Funny

    That was a funny one.
    I am sure cry babies will whine about wasting a gold one.
  • blending

    Some people have way too much money, and way too little brains.
    • In what way?

      Blendtec is just advertising their blenders by blending anything that comes their way, to show how powerful their blenders are.

      I'm sure they just wrote it all off as part of their advertising budget, which is probably a lot bigger then a handful of iPhones.
  • Will they blend?

    Joe Dufflebag
    • Because Blendtec makes blenders

      Industrial strength blenders, it would appear.

      It is called advertising.
  • extra sales

    apple sure won't mind as long as these fellas have paid for the phones....
  • Poor blender.

    It had to eat rotten apples.