iPhone 5S: Here's what Apple's next-generation smartphone looks like (images)

iPhone 5S: Here's what Apple's next-generation smartphone looks like (images)

Summary: The premium next-generation iPhone 5S is sharp and refined, much like its predecessor, and comes in three metallic colors. Here's the first few photos of the new smartphone.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • ugh

    Don't like the flat look in white, that's for sure.
  • That yellow iphone is horrific

    I know apple is calling it gold but it looks like cheap yellow. That is easily the ugliest color in a tech device ever and I'm including the brown Zune. This is the "p1ss colored iphone".
    • Don't you have a "meeting"

      Of the Microsoft Mobius Mobile troll group to attend? You can even rub your Nokia "burner" phone wit the rest of the Lumia owners in Redmond.
      Troll Hunter J
    • I think you are looking at the case

      There is an image showing different colored cases among them a bright yellow one. Another image shows the actual phones and the gold one is more of a champagne gold. Still ugly though.. They made a lot of digital cameras that color too and they were awful.
  • let's be honest..

    This phone will not make anyone switch from android. It's a nice upgrade for 4 and 4S owners. Otherwise.... meh!
  • Have they fixed...

    the coating on the metal band running around the phone? Every iPhone 5 I've seen looks tatty after a few weeks, because the black pain on the band has chipped and flaked away.

    When they are new, they look very nice, but they quickly look very ratty.