iPhone and iPad get cheap offline map app

iPhone and iPad get cheap offline map app

Summary: Skobbler's ForeverMap Europe app is the first to offer low-cost offline European mapping to iPad and iPhone users, while an Android version is scheduled to arrive in November

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Skobbler has released an iPhone and iPad application that provides offline maps for those travelling within Europe, and said it plans to make an Android version available by December.

The ForeverMap Europe app uses data from the OpenStreetMap project, an open-source rival to Google Maps. It also provides the first low-cost rival to Nokia's free Ovi Maps — which also has offline capabilities — for users of Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

"We wanted to create the app that becomes the last word in the map space — the one app that provides orientation to users without the usual ifs and buts," Marcus Thielking, co-founder of the Berlin-based Skobbler, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Skobbler ForeverMap Europe image

The ForeverMap app is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Image credit: Skobbler

"With ForeverMap, we've done just that. Users can now instantly access a detailed digital map of Europe, without any fear of the high roaming costs or potential lack of data connection usually associated with digital maps on the move," he said.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Skobbler noted that all European OpenStreetMap points of interest, along with Wikipedia descriptions for all sights with location data, were included in the app, which will be regularly updated. "The Android version will be available in late November, if things go according to plan," the post added.

ForeverMap Europe will normally cost £3.49, but is available at an introductory offer of £2.39 for the first two weeks of its release. By way of contrast, the TomTom Europe app, which also offers offline capabilities, costs £60.

Topics: Mobility, Apps

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  • iPhone and iPad get cheap offline map app
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  • I've always used OffMaps for this, which is cheaper... It'll be interesting to see how they compare.