iPhone demand buckles Optus network?

iPhone demand buckles Optus network?

Summary: Optus has confirmed its retail stores are experiencing problems signing up customers of Apple's much-anticipated iPhone handset due to difficulties with its internal computer network.


Optus has confirmed its retail stores are experiencing problems signing up customers of Apple's much-anticipated iPhone handset due to difficulties with its internal computer network.

Customers at some of the telco's resellers, such as Allphones, have been told Optus' computer sign-up network was unable to deal with the load caused by thousands of people across the nation wanting to buy the 3G iPhone when it went on sale this morning.

At least one Optus store in Sydney's central business district has reported it has sold out of iPhones already, while Gizmodo has reported that Optus' flagship store in George Street, Sydney, which opened at midnight this morning to sell the iPhone, had only 500 handsets in stock from launch.

A spokesperson for the telco told ZDNet.com.au the network was "not down all the way... It's going back up and down."

"Stores are still processing customers, and people are still moving through the queues," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson couldn't confirm if the problems were caused by unexpected iPhone demand.

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  • How about the stores that got none ?

    Allphones in Toowoomba told me they were getting 10 units. At 9am when they opened they said the units would arrive at 10am and I should wait until then. By 10am computers were still down and calls to Optus remained unanswered. At 10am precisely a delivery arrived with... one demo unit. The store rang another retailer but could not get any information on when they would receive models for sale.

    Pre-orders and non-preorder customers were all turned away.
  • telstras systems down also

    I just queued for an hour at the tlife store in melbourne. I got to the end of the queue only to find that all the Telstra systems are down. They can still hook you up manually, but if you are upgrading you have no hope.
  • Ran out of 16gb iphones at Eastland

    I went to the Eastland Optus store at 10am and they had already run out of 16gb iphones. People were lining up since 4am. I had a deposit so no waiting in the queue BUT all the system's were going down under the load and I managed to get out of there by 11:30 with an 8gb iphone. Big delays getting auth codes and then the systems crashing. Staff also said only had 16 8gb iphones left and reckoned 6 week delay for more. Bit of a joke...
  • Problem is global

    I thought apple stuff just worked....

    apple is turning away buyers across the USA and UK, systems are down everywhere, what a monumental stuff up
  • Apple "just works"?

    after the first iphone debacle they obviously havent learned.

    the US /UK thing appears to primarily be because Apple mandated that carriers should do unlocks on first day using internal (to carrier stores or internal to Apple, im unsure) systems. 'at home' activations will come; just you wont be able to do so today....

    Those upgrading should definitely NOT ditch their 2G iphone yet as the Ars Technica report i just read mentions with the loss of activation you lose a working phone number. so if the iphone is your primary phone, wait. otherwise you are incommunicado for as long as it takes apple/carriers to fix up the stuffup.

    those who remember the first go around will remember the flood of home activations put the kibosh on Apple servers. This policy was supposed to avoid a repeat of the problem but relying on (most likely) anaemic connections at carrier stores just screamed to me it was going to be 'messy launch 2.0'.

    would love to have one to play with but not with thos probems, not with those plans and not at that price. oh well, next time, Apple. third time is the charm as they say?
  • Crazy

    That's pretty crazy