Iran govt starts domestic email service

Iran govt starts domestic email service

Summary: Each Iranian citizen will be assigned an email address.

TOPICS: Networking

According to Iranian state television, the country has opened its own domestically made email service.

The report aired on Sunday quoted Information and Communication Technology Minister Mohammad Hasan Nami as saying that local experts created the service's software.

The report said each Iranian citizen will be assigned an email address.

The country's postal service will manage the email service.

Iran has discussed for years having its own domestic email service, as the government has occasionally blocked access to foreign email providers like Gmail and Yahoo.

The country has also blocked and made illegal virtual private networks that allow Iranians to freely use the internet and access banned websites like those for opposition groups.

Official statistics suggest that Iran, home to 75 million people, has around 32 million internet users.

Topic: Networking

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  • But VPN is widely used in Iran and it's quite fishy.

    Although the domestic cyber army is rigorously fighting the operability of conventional filter bypass methods on a minute-by-minute basis, numerous Internet cafes and websites are selling VPN services and software to users all across Iran, and it smells quite fishy since the state could curb this well-established trend with not much effort and it doesn't. Rumor has it that the local secret services such as the Revolutionary Guard are holding the other end of VPN routes (that are mostly in European countries) to channels the major traffic this way, hence, easily spying on the online activities of the unsuspecting youth, dissidents, and students who think they are escaping the state monitoring.
  • Cheaper

    to use the NSA/GCHQ model.

    Seriously just get back door access or tap the cables, it's far less hassle than this 'we should get everyone using OUR email system' rubbish.
    Little Old Man
    • But this provides a way...

      ...for patriotic Iranian citizens to demonstrate their loyalty to the Islamic Republic. I'm guessing that unused e-mail accounts will be officially deemed suspicious.
      John L. Ries
  • استقلال. آزادی. جمهوری اسلامی;

    i support Iran's decision to nationalise their email service, and i also do not trust gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. however, i have tried all the major Iranian email providers and none of them work. i think that Iranians need to get to work quickly.
    Zack Toth