Is that .NET or Java app ready for the cloud? PaasLane 2.0 removes the guesswork

Is that .NET or Java app ready for the cloud? PaasLane 2.0 removes the guesswork

Summary: The automated assessment tool from integrator Cloud Technology Partners analyzes code for cloud readiness, helping IT teams identify potential issues that could slow down migration to public or private environment.

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Last year, integrator Cloud Technology Partners released the initial versions of PaasLane, an assessment automation tool that analyzes software code for cloud readiness far more quickly than manual methods. The latest edition of the tool is focused on optimizing the process for .NET and Java applications.

Among other things, PaasLane checks code for errors, hard-coded dependencies, security or scalability problems that might make moving an application into a public or private cloud environment problematic. The new version offers full .NET language support, handling more than 200 .NET-specific rules—including those for Microsoft Azure and Appendra CloudFoundry.

"PaasLane has providen to be a valuable, time-saving addition to our toolset during consulting engagements," said Deborah Mounts, software engineering director at Foliage, a cloud consulting company that is using PaasLane for its migrations. "We look forward to realizing similar productivity gains in our application development and migration processes, where PaasLane can help us optimize our applications for constantly evolving cloud environments."

Cloud Technology Partners believes that its tool can help speed migrations by up to 25 percent. What's more, the platform helps companies prioritize: letting them concentrate first on applications or code that might be easiest to move for "quick win" scenarios.

You can try PaasLane for free. Pricing will depend on the code being analyzed, but the PaasLane Web site suggests an assessment performed with the tool will probably cost less than $5,000 per application, versus at least twice that amount for lengthier manual assessments.

Cloud Technology Partners also offers a version of PaasLane that is specific to preparing applications for Amazon Web Services.

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  • Harumph

    "Twice that for manual assessments" glosses over the fact that at least those would be done by a human, not a wizard. Unless I have misunderstood, this is an automated service...? which I see as perhaps akin to an IT version of those self checkout stations in a grocery store. Sure they promote this as being faster than human evaluation, but like all such systems, how can I perceive this as really anything but a really smart solution/project file parser? Perhaps I could be enlightened, if I am missing something.

    As a utility sold for a fixed price (even the 5K$ they are asking for), or as a free entry point for a human service, sure. But I don't think I would be willing to rent the product using a consultancy model (charge per effort), which I do not regard as appropriate when it isn't a human making the effort.
    • It could be parser

      I guess this service takes your compiled bytecode (which is easy in .NET and Java) and does analysis which is similar to static code analysis. Rules in this case are different as such service would check if APIs in use would work in cloud environment. Maybe it can also do simple checks to find out if there would be scalability issues.
      This service can be useful starting point in migration process.