Is this Apple's new iPhone 5 dock connector plug?

Is this Apple's new iPhone 5 dock connector plug?

Summary: It now seems highly likely that Apple will dump the 30-pin dock connector for something smaller. Is this the plug that you could be using to connect your iPhone 5 to your PC or Mac?


Photos have turned up claiming to show Apple's revamped iPhone 5 dock connector plug, showing 8 electrical contacts on each site of the plug.

The images were posted on the French website, but no details have been offered as to the origin of the photos.

I've got to admit that I'm not convinced that these plugs are genuine. If they are real then perhaps they are prototypes or an engineering sample. There's an awful lot of wasted space on either side of the plug that doesn't look like the elegant Apple engineering and attention to fine detail that we're used to.

Also, I have a hard time believing that Apple would design a plug connector with exposed electrical contacts as these would dramatically increase the risk of an electrical short.

There's been a lot of speculation that Apple is preparing to abandon the 30-pin dock connector that has adorned the iPod, iPhone and iPad for almost a decade and replace it with a smaller, more modern connector.

The catalyst for all these rumors seems to be the a video showing a metal chassis purporting to belong to the upcoming iPhone 5 that was posted to YouTube by parts reseller ETradeSupply. This showed a much smaller slot for the dock connector and a headphone jack hole that was moved to the bottom of the iPhone. This metal chassis has since been detailed in a number of photos and videos. Alleged blueprints for the chassis have also been leaked.

Initial rumor suggested that 11 pins were going to be dropped from the 30-pin dock connector, making the new connector a 19-pin far more svelte and slender than the current offering. Cult of Mac found that there are indeed 11 pins that could safely be dropped from the current 30. These include eight pins that supported FireWire and a further three that handled video-out functionality for the now defunct iPod Color and iPod Photo devices.

However, in recent weeks further rumors have surfaced suggesting that Apple could shave even more pins from the connector. 16-pin and 8-pin connectors are the most popular suggestions. These two rumors appear to be linked in that it has been suggested that the male connector -- such as that found on the connector cable -- will have 8-pins on each side, while the female connector -- found on the device -- has only 8 pins on one side. This would allow the iPhone to be connected in either orientation to a male connector or docking port, and this is what the alleged plug shown above seems to show.

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  • 5?

    The 5th iPhone uses a standard old dock connector... its also named iPhone 4s and has been out a long time.

    If you don't think they'll count the 4s as a full version number, then check out the 3Gs which they did count as a full version number... or the iPhone 4 would have been named the iPhone 3. Its highly unlikely they'll put a number on it at all, and all the current articles get mixed up with all the older iPhone 5 articles posted before the 4s came out. Going to make it hard for anyone looking for old information a few years from now.
    • 5?

      Not sure your point. Apple has gone 3, 3gs, 4, 4s. No reason to not use "5" here.
      • 5?

        Except for the fact that Apple had (1) the iPhone, (2) iPhone 3g, (3) iPhone 3gs, (4) iPhone 4, and (5) iPhone 4s, meaning that the new one would be the sixth generation iPhone, and that might be a reason not to use the name "iPhone 5," I agree with you.
      • Apple iPhone 4gs

        Its possible they may name it the 4gs if it's a 4g phone never know :)
  • Is this Apple's new iPhone 5 dock connector plug?

    Apple just made your iPhone device obsolete.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Apple makes iPhones obsolete

      with every new iPhone release.

      Samsung tries to make iPhone obsolete by including functionality from Bump in their phones, but ends up releasing an obsolete version of their newest phone by neutering its specs.
      • Oh, and HTC makes everyone's phone obsolete...

        ...with one of the most amazing cameras ever featured in a consumer device.
    • Nope.

      No matter how many times you post this, my iDevices are still working just fine, thank you.
  • Thunderbolt?

    Why not just make it a Thunderbolt connector? 10gbps certainly would be great for syncing :)
  • Blathering Fool!

    If this article is about an Apple connector, then maybe the follow up would be what toilet paper is preferred by Apples' executives.
    The author has found another asinine way to get Apple in his column.
    You think alcoholics need help, well Appleholics are terminal.
    • And yet here you are...

      reading and posting.
  • What hoot reading all your comments

    You folks sure are weird taking this so seriously.

    No wonder the hacks on this site write an entire article (many for that matter) based on rumors.
  • Possible in iPhone connector?

    looking at the pictures I think you might be mistaking what kind of connector it is. This might very well be a connector that will be used with the iPhone 5 but I don't think it will be a dock connector. To me the way that bit of circuit board is hanging out the back of one of the connectors in the picture makes me think it is a prototype of new micro solid state drive standard.
  • A new connector? Gee, what a surprise.

    I'm an all-Mac person working for an all-Mac company. Unless Apple has an adapter for sale as the 30-pin devices begin disappearing, I will be sorely disappointed -- though not at all surprised -- that Apple continues to "reward" their customers' loyalty with contempt, forcing us to spend more money to keep our devices working. And BTW, I am a senior lady with no IT chops, so please spare me the snarky comments. The Talkback column says "Add Your Opinion", and this is mine. Thank you.