Is this the iPhone 6?

Is this the iPhone 6?

Summary: Several photos purporting to be of the iPhone 6 landed on Twitter today. Could this be the next iPhone?


Six photos were posted by Twitter user @mornray886 today with the caption "iPhone 6 #Apple"

Australian writer Sonny Dickson tells MacRumors that the images were initially shared by someone in China who claimed the images show the "iPhone 6." Twitter is anonymous, so the photos should be taken with a large grain of salt.

MacRumors notes that the images lack plastic or glass cutouts for antennas, and that the images show FCC text on the rear bezel which is typically added much later in the development cycle. The iPhone 6 has been rumored to land in September and FCC text wouldn't usually show up on prototypes seven months before release. 

The other possibility is that Apple could be planning to release the iPhone 6 sooner than its typical fall launch timeframe, possibly as a response to Samsung's Galaxy S5 which is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congres on February 24, 2014 – a month earlier than the Galaxy S4 arrived last year. 

The new photos follow Tuesday's rumor (via The Korea Herald) that the next-generation iPhone would arrive in September with two "bezel-free" designs:

The iPhone 6 is rumored to be "bezel-free" and come in two screen sizes - Jason O'Grady

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  • Dimensions?

    Assuming this is real, who wants to guesstimate the dimensions of that screen?
    The home button would probably be the same size at the iPhone 5's.
    • It doesn't look much longer...

      Are apple going to change their screen ratio again?

      Who knows... If so, i'd imagine it would just be to widen to the ratio of the first 5 phones.

      As for too early? Not really. If you have an iphone and go to the genius bar, ask to see your manufacturing date. I have seen some of our companies iphone 5's (release /sep 12) manufacturing as early as january 11, and have heard of dec 11 as the earliest! Clearly it takes them a long time to build up the reserved for their 50m first quarters!
      • You don't need to waste petrol visiting the Genius Bar, Mark

        Go to or and type in the serial number of your iPhone (or iPad, iPod, etc). While you won't get the exact date of manufacture, you will at least get the year and the week.
        Laraine Anne Barker
    • let's have a go.

      Using the 3.5mm headphone jack from the last picture for scale I'm getting a measurement for the bottom of the screen of about 62mm. Which, presuming 16:9, means a height of 110.22222mm and given a bit of basic geometry that gives us a diagonal of 126.46mm. Whack that through the unit converter and I'm getting 4.97 inches, presuming there isn't any in panel bezel that would only show up when it is turned on.
      • Talking sizes...

        I couldn't help but notice the battery pull tab look the same size as 5 series... Surely they wouldn't increase the width and leave the battery the same size? The logic boards won't get much larger if the ipad is any guide??
  • Yawn.

    Same crap. Looks like a Samsung Galaxy phone.
    • Not really

      those are plastic. These aren't.
      • What aluminum?

        I have yet to see in the wild a iPhone that was not in a case. Understandable since they are expensive and many people would like to sell or give them away when they upgrade.

        With that, you never see the back of them, other than those round cut outs to view the fruit.

        So.... what does it matter what the back of the phone is made of? I have a Nexus 4 and it has glass on the back... no one ever sees that beautiful backing with the nice shimmering effect because the first thing I did with that phone was put it in a case.
        Rann Xeroxx
      • Rather Have Space Plastic Than Beer Can Aluminum!

        What do you think Apple is still using Aircraft Grade Aluminum? These are DIE CAST Aluminum that not only doesn't take to anodization that well, it's soft, easily bent and even broken at the volume button's weakest point next to the screen.

        If these were actually made out of heat treated, hardened by high pressure extrusion Aluminum Aloys, they'd be #1.... heavier and impossible to carve out. The way they make these cases is no different than DIE CAST Aluminum in Toys. They take blocks of Die Cast Aluminum and machine them down into a precision form.

        Whereas Aircraft Grade Aluminum is an Alloy, consisting of harder Magnesium and Aluminum that has been cleaned of all impurities. Because it's the impurities that make it hard to anodize on Die Cast aluminum and why it still remains so soft.

        Even Extruded Beer cans are harder than the die cast aluminum in Apple's latest products. Which at least makes it easier to anodize them too. So how in the World does making cases out of the same material and methods used to make toys, make iDevices better quality than the Samsung Cheil Chemical and Industries Infino Brand PC in the Galaxy Note 3? Especially since Infino Brand PC is the same plastic that goes into Optometrist Glasses, Medical field, Luxury Automotive, Jet Fighter Cockpits and the removable roof on the Bugatti Veyron Convertible! .......that's not exactly cheap..... you know? lol.....

        Galaxy..... hmm.... where have I heard that name used before in a product made by Samsung? Oh..... yeah.... Galaxy Brand Men's Suits in the High Fashion Clothing Industry with Pierce Brosnan as 007 in their commercials! :D ......the Galaxy Brand goes back to the 80's in Men's High Fashion Suits made from Cheil Industry's Fabric and Fashion Design Division! .....yeah that's a 60yr old division at that!!!

        So what doesn't Samsung do or make? I don't know.... because besides building the World's Tallest Buildings (Burj Dubai), Largest Floating Ships and Ocean Oil Platforms (heard of Prelude FLNG?), Banking and Insurance, Cars (search Samsung eMX), Amusement Parks, Home Appliances and mobile devices, they have the #1 Construction Company in the World building their own Chip fabrication plants too!

        So now let's get back to... Quality Infino Brand PC in making their more leather like, look and feel of Galaxy Note's back cover and compare it to the Pleatherette Apple uses in their $80 vinyl covers. So why do you really think Apple fans keep taking iPhones and iPads back into the Apple Store, because they were bent out of box or in their pocket so easily. How about iScratchgate? Is it a figment of their imagination? Why are you fools so happy getting ripped off, while stuffing your hard earned cash into Apple pockets with greater profits than they deserve? I don't know, but hopefully they find a cure for this insanity sometime soon. Could be all the RDF Propaganda you all seem to consume so readily! ;-P
  • is it a joke?

    is it a joke? More or bigger icons are the only future for Apple? People (mostly US) are easily to "teach" :)
    Jiří Pavelec
    • It's all the journalist who created the images could think off.

      It's all the journalist who created the images could think off.

      Nothing to do with Apple. Nothing to do with the iPhone.
      Henry 3 Dogg
      • but true: bigger iToy = bigger/more iCons :)

        but true: bigger iToy = bigger/more iCons :)

        I really can not imagine Apple brings something new :)
        Jiří Pavelec
      • With today's technology, how come those digital pics are so fuzzy?

        "Journalists" - please learn plural terms.
  • Going the wrong way, developers.

    All I want is a larger battery and a better camera.
  • surely not

    I sincerely hope Apple doesn't succumb to this ridiculous trend of making oversize phones - what on earth is the point of the Tablet if phones are going to be so large? 10 years ago manufacturers were intent on making phones smaller, which was great, now Android fan boys are forcing phone sizes to ridiculous proportions. We managed very nicely with the screen size on the iPhone 4 and even the 5 isn't completely unusable, but anything larger and I don't believe they should be called phones anymore, they're just tablets with phone capability.
  • Another skinny sides

    With no sides it is hard to hold and use without a finger touching the sensitive area. an example is the iPad Air which is no where as skinny as this supposed iPhone.

    Apple is so far into the artsy FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM that a less than 100% social, earbud, nonproductive user will be very reluctant to upgrade. iMac 2012 is better than the 2013, IMHO.

    I want to stay with both IOS and OS X, but it is getting increasingly hard to jusify.

    The Mac Pro is a disaster for those who go for the flexible interchangeability of a motherboard and case that works with many cards and accessories. This is one place that the Windows machines ousrip in use and price .. by quite a bit.
  • Apple Following the Leader!

    Samsung has already done that and done it better with Galaxy Note 3. So as Ken Kutaragi would have said, "iPhone 6 is Galaxy Note 1.5"! .....they won't even have a dual digitizer screen or S-Pen 1.5. Sure Wacom released a pressure sensitive Stylus for Apple's devices, but it w/o dual digitizer in the screen, it won't have palm and touch rejection while using that stylus. Not only that..... it'd be another clue as to Steve being wrong again!

    Wrong about only needing a 3.5" screen, wrong about FLASH, wrong about iOS simplicity, wrong about only ever needing fingers to create content and be productive with. Especially since iOS still can't do (despite a 64bit processor) drag n drop, App App, Window to Window, PiP, PoP full time Pervasive Multitasking, that NeXTStep and even Apple's own designed Copland OS could do 20yrs ago!!!

    AND..... now we know where Ken Kutaragi got his Xbox 360 is like PS1.5! lol..... yeah he apparently was a Machead and yeah the story is he wanted Copland OS to be a success over Windows! :D ......and he knew OS X (NeXTStep) wasn't what Copland could have been!
  • My problem is not the bigger screen...

    But just like the iPhone 5, its the longation "paddle" look of the phone that just looks silly. Now these (if they are real) just cont. this.
    Rann Xeroxx
    • Never be up s**t creek without a paddle

      One reason to buy a fruitphone that is...