IT fault cripples Barclays

IT fault cripples Barclays

Summary: The problems that plagued Barclays' customers trying to use ATMs, phone banking and online services over the weekend have been blamed on a hardware problem

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A Barclays computer glitch left the bank's customers without the use of its ATM machines and online banking for much of the Easter bank holiday weekend. Services were still in the process of returning to normal during the day on Tuesday, according to some customers.

The problem struck at 0100 (BST) on Sunday, around the time the clocks went forward, leading many to believe the computer glitch, to which the problems were attributed, was related to a problem with the clock settings.

However, Barclays today told ZDNet UK sister site that earlier media reports suggesting the change to British Summer Time was responsible were wide of the mark.

A spokeswoman for the bank also dismissed suggestions that the culprit had been a manager who set the clocks back rather than forward.

"It was an issue with a small piece of our IT hardware," said the spokeswoman. She added the bank is currently investigating exactly what went wrong with the kit, which was not named.

Around 1,500 cash machines in the south of England went offline and stayed offline until around 1700 on Sunday evening.

Some customers are calling for compensation and the bank says it will listen to all complaints.

"We're asking any customers who experience any financial loss as a result of this problem to contact us and we will address them on a case-by-case basis," said the spokeswoman.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Dear Will,

    I researched Barclays when I happened upon an e-mail requesting me to update my information for my account at Barclays, dated March 27, 2005. Funny, I don't have any business with Barclays. I may have stumbled upon one of Barclays glitch problems you mentioned in your article on the IT Glitch Hurts Barclays. In your article, it would have been helpful if there were a name or URL to contact them at to report such a problem. Now I have to research that so I can report back to them. Thank you for your article, however, and have a wonderful day.
  • It's extremely worrying that failure of one piece of hardware at such a large bank should have such a major impact. If I was a customer (online or otherwise) and/or shareholder I would be very worried about the vulnerability of Barclay's systems. Have they not heard of redundant systems?
  • The e-mail mentioned in the first talkback was in fact a phishing mail. I got two and looking at the script behind the pop up box you put your details in it was sending the data to a site in Russia. So once again the bad guys were quick using a real problem to try to part people from their money.