ITC sides with Apple over Motorola case

ITC sides with Apple over Motorola case

Summary: The US International Trade Commission has tossed out a Motorola Mobility patent claim that threatened to block the import of some Apple iPhone models.

TOPICS: Patents, Apple, Google

On Monday, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) dismissed a complaint by Google-owned Motorola Mobility accusing Apple of infringing on patented technology that makes touchscreens ignore fingers when people are holding smartphones to their ears for calls.

The filing by acting ITC secretary Lisa Barton indicated that the investigation into the Motorola complaint filed in late 2010 has been terminated.

The ITC reasoned that the technology at issue in the patents wasn't original enough to support the accusation.

Competition between technology titans such as Apple, Google, and Samsung long ago spread to the courts in the battle for supremacy in the booming markets for smartphones and tablet computers.

A judge last month cut $450 million from a $1 billion award to be paid by Samsung in a landmark patent lawsuit from Apple, saying a jury had wrongly calculated the damages.

Topics: Patents, Apple, Google

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  • Whitewash much?

    The situation went to the courts as it was Apple's only legal recourse after having been totally ripped off by Google. Google didn't directly profit, so is hard to prosecute as they only made essentially a kit for mimicking Apple's innovative products, then they gave that away to foreign companies in order to bolster their own advertising business.

    They aren't suing over 'competition' they are suing over theft of intellectual property!