It's DAMsmart! Behind the scenes: photos

It's DAMsmart! Behind the scenes: photos

Summary: Australian media preservation and digitisation company DAMsmart is responsible for processing thousands and thousands of hours of culturally significant footage. Here's a glimpse at some of the tech used behind-the-scenes at their Canberra office.


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  • (Credit: DAMsmart)

    DAMsmart operator Olga Aleksandrova operating one-inch C-format videotapes. This format, according to DAMsmart's Joe Robertson, was the first colour TV format to be used in Australia.

    Recently, the company took on a job to digitise over 50,000 hours of parliamentary footage.

  • (Credit: DAMsmart)

    A quality-control system used at DAMsmart. The systems come from a range of manufacturers in two flavours: automated and manual. The one above is a manual video monitor.

    DAMsmart also uses film transfer units purpose-built for digitising archival collections, which also include high-definition outputs.

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