It's DAMsmart! Behind the scenes: photos

It's DAMsmart! Behind the scenes: photos

Summary: Australian media preservation and digitisation company DAMsmart is responsible for processing thousands and thousands of hours of culturally significant footage. Here's a glimpse at some of the tech used behind-the-scenes at their Canberra office.


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  • (Credit: DAMsmart)

    Pictured here is a collection of Betacam and Umatic tapes from television network Prime's news archive.

  • (Credit: DAMsmart)

    In-house specialists provide expert preparation and colour-grading to maximise the film digitisation process. Here, David McGrouther is inspecting and preparing 16mm film for digitisation.

  • (Credit: DAMsmart)

    Baked not fried! Ageing collections need to be handled carefully, and often there's only one chance to preserve them. DAMsmart uses a range of video conversion techniques to do this; in this case, Andrew Martin is placing obsolete tapes into an environmental chamber (which is essentially an oven) to be baked and cleaned for rejuvenation.

    This enables DAMsmart to recondition tapes that are very old to get a good replay out of them.

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